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  1. Brand new, never used. $10 each OBO. (2) Guisemann aquablue + ATI aquablue special ATI blue + (2) UV Lighting super actinic
  2. Stoneybrook in Estero. Right across the street from Miromar.
  3. Free small/medium clownfish. Breaking down tank and it needs a home. Also have some large rhodactis (green with purple hairs) and a blue Yuma.
  4. solar

    HVAC Plasma

    Thanks, but an ERV doesn't work for my situation (I have natural ventilation, not dedicated outside air) and it is for energy savings, not IAQ.
  5. I'm having a new AC system installed and would like to add a bipolar ionizer to help with indoor air quality. Most of the products i see create and disperse "plasma" throughout the house so i'm naturally concerned about the effects on the water chemistry and organisms inside the tank (i do not have a lid on my tank). I'm specifically looking at the GPS IClean which states it creates ions that are found naturally in nature and that they break down gases with electron-volt potential numbers below 12 to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. This seems harmless enough.... Does anyone have any experience with these types of devices or know if they are fish tank friendly? Thanks!
  6. Can anyone identify this skimmer? It came off of a 90 gallon FOWLR tank and doesn't have any kind of identification on it. I'm trying to determine manufacturer and model so I can look up the specifications.
  7. I have some. I have a couple of stalks on a little rock or i have a little larger colony on a rock with some small mushrooms.
  8. Abby and I will be attending the tour but we have plans that evening so we won't make the BBQ.
  9. very cool, we will also soon have one of the largest artificial reefs! http://www.naplesnews.com/community/marco-eagle/game-changer-largest-artificial-reef-in-hemisphere-set-to-deploy-off-marco-island_83204997
  10. I hate them because they spawn like crazy, grow in the middle of corals, and secrete webs to catch food that can stretch 6-8 inches and affect other corals (usually causing them to close)
  11. i have noticed if i target feed my mushrooms they split a lot faster.
  12. i have noticed corraline algae can be a big consumer of alk in my tank
  13. i have noticed when the alk is higher the calcium depletes at a faster rate, so my calcium dosing seems to depend on my alk levels.
  14. This might be a good topic for an upcoming meeting. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in proper collecting methods, as well as the laws and licensing associated with it.
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