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  1. Hi David, give me a call at 7173142311. I destroyed my good phone and the phone I am using does not seem to be very clear on calls I make but seems okay most of the time with calls I receive for some reason
  2. I can do $2.00 for rock. I have about 120lb dry rock also at $0.50 lb nice meeting you! let me know how look when you have them in your tank.. still have chiller and I can sell it now, call me tues call me tues, Nice meeting you guys !
  3. I hate to do this but I just don`t have my heart in it anymore....that and I am just not home enough to keep it going as it should...so before anything starts to be neglected I figure I might as well sell it all. I want to sell the livestock first and then the equipment. I have a bunch of various LPS corals, couple sps, and others stuff. I will parts out but will consider offers on all livestock.. It is a 120g 60 x 18 x 25 , the stand is extra tall and puts the tank at a nice viewing level. I have a couple sumps, 3 ASM protein skimmers 2 G2`s and 1 G4, 2 Hamilton light fixtures, PH meter, chiller, return pumps, live rock, plus more please call me at 7173142311 Mike
  4. NEW LOWER price, my wife (that`s her in the left of the picture and she is MEAN when she is mad) says she wants it out of the garage...so how about $299.. I need it gone and it is 66" long not 72" that`s my DD in the center and I'm not sure who the geeky guy on the right is LOL
  5. I have an asm g2 if you are interested specs, Body Size (in) 6 1/2 Height (in) 22 1/4 Footprint (in) 10 x 11 Pump (Sedra) 3500 Rec. Tank Size 200 Gal
  6. i have a habit of getting in over my head, i could write a book on the stuff my father and i did that we should not have and managed to pull off looks like the guy above me really wants it..so give him first shot. it would work better for him anyway
  7. 225 and you have a deal...i can`t give in to 200 to easy, i won`t be able to sleep at night and my father would be disappointed LOL he will say "son, didn`t I teach you better than that, never take the first offer when selling and never give full asking price when buying " I love my dad! sent you my phone # call me if you truly want it
  8. the tank is 24" deep, 60" long , I have a chiller and additional fans I either have to cut one down or join two together. I have 2 48" hamilton MH setups one with 175w and one w/ 250. I also have another 48" MH fixure w/ 4 t5s and 2-250w MH and I am afraid 60" would be to large of a spread for it..so I am just trying to come up with something..plus i Iike to putz around a make stuff it is all good...but I do understand your concern I just looked them up and they are nice looking light systems
  9. why is that? most are just extruded aluminum and then cut to whatever length factory needs with endcaps stuck on but no problem
  10. it is an open top type canopy , I have the lights sitting on the top of it
  11. Hi I would be interested in the lights.....but can you post a picture of the ends and the last 1/2 ft..sounds dumb but I need to mod it so it fits a 60" tank..so I have to see if it can be cut down
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