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  1. Paying it forward. Price drop to $100
  2. I have several 6 mini colonies available asking $20 each. I can meet in Fort Myers or Naples.
  3. This system makes 150gpd. The filters were changed 4 months ago. It has a small leak on the first membrane inlet. Asking $150.00 for SWFMAS member.
  4. I have two TSA Bill Murray frags and one TSA Fruity Pebbles available for sale. TSA Bill Murray - $150 each TSA Fruity Pebbles -$100
  5. I have a five gallon bucket of pukani rock
  6. They are a mated pair. Their both about 3.5 inches long. They do lay eggs. Looking for a good home.
  7. I’m tearing down my softies tank. This is the reefer nano 29 gallon with white stand. I’m asking $550.00 for the tank and stand only. Optional additional equipment - Red Dragon 5 DC return pump - $250.00 - Radion light that was upgraded to G3 pucks with two backup power supplies and display bracket $200.00 Any questions you can PM or post
  8. It’s been close to 8 months, since I removed the sand and I kept some of the old rock and placed it into the sump.
  9. I have a pvc sump with matching denitrator. They were built by American Aquarium last year and never have been installed. The Kessil is in great condition. Also, have a BRS media reactor. I’m open to trades for sps corals or the prices for all the items are listed below. Sump Dimensions: 16”L X 24”W X 25”H Denitrator Dimensions: 10”L X 24”W X30”HSump and Denitrator: $350Kessil H380: $150BRS media reactor: $20
  10. The rock has been picked up. Moderator please close thread
  11. Update - the rock is free for anyone. If you are interested let me know.
  12. I just tore down a tank and have rock available. It’s is pukani rock. Asking $55 for everything.
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