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  1. I have a bottle in my fridge if anyone needs it LOLOLOL
  2. I have 2 PM's that it says I cant view. I cant view members either, I could do this before...... what is going on? ckeiling & chemstar could you just put what you wrote me here so I can see it?
  3. You should have called me, you know I would have helped!
  4. is there any in between prices? like 20 for?
  5. http://fishaddicts.forumotion.com/t945-afa-meeting-october-2012-saturday-13th-membershp-drive Next Meeting: Saturday, October 13th at 7:00pm We meet the second Saturday of the Month Meeting Location: CADILLAC JACKS SPORTS BAR (used to beAle Marys Sports Bar) Thanks to Cadillac Jacks for giving the Fish Addicts a permanent Home 16440 South Tamiami Trail (US41), Fort Myers (by Island Park) As always all children are welcome. Dinner: We can buy food and drinks from the restaurant. For all new members: Membership is free and we welcome enthusiasts of all levels. If you just have a single betta in a jar or a 50 tank fish room everyone is invited and welcome to offer advice or ask questions. This Months Topic: How to get your fish to spawn This months auction: If you would like to help out the club and maybe make a few dollars you can bring a few fish to offer at auction on Aquabid (a group of 6 fish or more seems to work best). We can also sell used equipment (excluding tanks). Let me know what you have in advance, I will accept the fish and put them up for sale on aquabid. The aquabid auction will start at $1 and it will end with the highest bid one week later. I will handle the shipping and you get 1/2 the winning bid and the other 1/2 (minus the paypal fee) goes to the Association of fish Addicts. We will have a live auction of anything aquatic related (fish, plants, equipment, etc.) Format will be live auction, no reserve, so don't bring a $50 fish to sell unless you are prepared to take $1 for it. We will do a 70/30 split with the 30% going to the club. Last month: Thanks to Katie the breeder award program has been started.
  6. I've got a 120g drilled oceanic with sump, stand and return pump
  7. I got a PM telling me that I shouldn't have posted here because I'm not a paying member........And that I shouldn't have put a link up here..... Was easier to put a link..... If you would like you can contact me.
  8. Never mind, Not worth the hassle of getting fussed at
  9. I'm selling off all my zoas http://fishaddicts.forumotion.com/t835-palys-and-zoas-for-sale#8216
  10. Fern

    Filter Socks

    Making a spot for a sponge is easier........
  11. Fern

    Filter Socks

    I dont run them or sponges, I have spots to put sponges if I do need to get stuff out of the water. I just clean out the bottom of the sump regularly.
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