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  1. Thank you for your offer last December to assist me with APEX setup.  Fortunately, I was able to do most of it myself (with assist from support).  I plugged in my Energy Bar directly to wall outlet, but as rainy season is here, I've been thinking about power surges and realize that I should plug it into a good surge protection power strip.  My question is:  if I unplug it, does that cancel all of the outlet programming and/or the settings for my devices on Fusion?  thanks in advance.

  2. I am available often. Also there are other people here like Nitrodude that know the new Apex. I will be more than happy to help anytime. Tues weds and Thur nights I am busy. I am in Fort Myers also not to far away from you. Normal traffic about 15 minutes. I will PM you my cell so you can call.
  3. Post any questions here. I have 3 Apex running my tanks. I have helped others as well. Is your Apex hardwired or wireless? Only update hardwired (unless they fixed it). If you need help connecting let me know. Where do you live Fort Myers, Cape Naples or Port Charlotte?
  4. 01. Red Zoas 02 Red Zoas 03 Red Zoas 04 Green Peach center Zoas 05 Keds Reds Zoas 06 Mushroom 07 Mushroom with Zoas 08 Green Hairy Mushroom 09 Green Hairy Mushroom 10 Teal Mushroom 11 Cabbage Leather 12 Cabbage Leather 13 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas 14 Green Zoas 15 Green and Peach Zoas 16 Green and Peach Zoas 17 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas 18 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas 19 Meteor Shower? 20 Sinularia leather 21 Sinularia leather Fragtank 22 Sinularia leather Fragtank 23 Tyree Neon Green Toadstool 24 GSP 25 GSP 26 Blue ridge coral 27 Blue Ridge coral 28 Blue ridge coral 29 Tyree Neon Green ToadStool Large 30 Large rock with mushrooms and zoas 31 Keds Reds Zoas 32 Devil's Hand 33 Dark Green Peach speckle 34 Scroll Coral 35 Scroll coral Pics to follow. If there is a better name let me know.
  5. Carol has a chiller at her office that she does not use any more. Monday she can take a look and post some pictures of it.
  6. Sorry we missed it this year, We had other things planned and could not make it. This pics makes me miss it more.
  7. I think Zyphen (Matt) our membership director, is out of town. He usually checks in from time to time when he is out of town. Are you trying to use PayPal? I will try to help as best I can. Just let me know how you are trying to pay. Matt will walk you through it as soon as he can if I can not help.
  8. I have a system currently running. Mostly left overs in it. It is a Deep Blue 60 rimless frag tank. I purchased it from another SWFMAS member (link below). If you are interested let me know.
  9. Try to attend SWFMAS March's meeting. More details will be coming soon about this meeting. March 30 – James Fatherree - Aquarium Photography in Estero
  10. _corduroy_ I talked to Zyphen our new membership director and he says you showed as paid about an hour ago. So you should be all good! Welcome to the club! We look forward to meeting you at the Mote Marine meeting.
  11. We have a 65 gal tank with corner overflow, stand, refug and other stuff. If this is not too large let me know. I can give you a good price if this works...
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