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  1. I will be there doing setup and PA system.
  2. If there is room for 1 more count me in.
  3. We have decided to sell all of our tanks and equipment for 2500. This include the above tank setup plus out 75 gallon glass tank setup and our 60 acrylic setup. This included lights. a total of 3 Apex classic systems (needs new screens), skimmers, media reactors, dosing pumps, and a ton more. Everything except the RO/DI system will be included. Here are some more pictures of everything.
  4. Sorry we did not need a chiller.
  5. Also have 2 other tanks with stuff in them. I will get pics tomorrow as well.
  6. Added Apex pic. to main post.
  7. Yea Zyphen has not been over. It has been crazy for us. We had to move my Mom down from NC and we needed a larger house.
  8. Colt leather, several bubble tips, mixed zoas, mushrooms, purple tang, 3 clown fish, 1 blood shrimp, and several large brittle star fish. I will get pics of live stock tomorrow.
  9. Carol and I are moving to a new house. It is a rental and we cannot have tanks. Main tank is fully stocked 120 gal glass tank with dual rear over flow. 2 return pumps in the refugium. One is direct return and one goes to a manifold that can provide water to several different things. LED lights and classic Apex (needs screen but network works) asking $2000.00
  10. It is an aquatic preserve so I am guessing nothing can be collected?
  11. Carol and I are in. Jeff do you know if that is a public lot? Do you know if there is a parking fee? We will also be bringing a cooler and picnicking on the beach.
  12. Thank you for your offer last December to assist me with APEX setup.  Fortunately, I was able to do most of it myself (with assist from support).  I plugged in my Energy Bar directly to wall outlet, but as rainy season is here, I've been thinking about power surges and realize that I should plug it into a good surge protection power strip.  My question is:  if I unplug it, does that cancel all of the outlet programming and/or the settings for my devices on Fusion?  thanks in advance.

    1. Wayne


      Oh man sorry I did not see this sooner. All of the programming should stay. I say should because electronics nothing is 100%. You can backup your settings after programing (which I do recommend). You can use a power strip but I do not. I have GFCI outlets and breakers is all. I thought about using a power backup but my pumps draw more amps than I want to spend on a backup. I do have a generator in case of a storm but that is about it.


      If you need anything you can text or call me at 239-565-4170.

  13. I am available often. Also there are other people here like Nitrodude that know the new Apex. I will be more than happy to help anytime. Tues weds and Thur nights I am busy. I am in Fort Myers also not to far away from you. Normal traffic about 15 minutes. I will PM you my cell so you can call.
  14. Post any questions here. I have 3 Apex running my tanks. I have helped others as well. Is your Apex hardwired or wireless? Only update hardwired (unless they fixed it). If you need help connecting let me know. Where do you live Fort Myers, Cape Naples or Port Charlotte?
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