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  1. Wow I guess people try to sell anything on ebay. Do you think somebody would actually buy it?
  2. Really sorry to hear that you are leaving the hobby for a bit. You will definitely be missed.
  3. wingsfan


    I would have to agree with you Matt. I hope we are wrong too.
  4. Well I have to say that unfortunately We will not be able to make the BBQ this year. Our son came home from the army and we are taking him to his new duty station Fort Stewart in GA this weekend. Conan You wont have to worry about Beth bidding this time. :lol:/>/>
  5. I have had no problems either
  6. Well good news for the sellers Beth is going to go. The only problem is that I don't think she will be bidding much because she is saving money because we are headed to Disney the next weekend but then again it is Beth :blink:/>/> We primarily go to socialize too. It is a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing what strange methods Brian has come up with to grow coral.
  7. I will be there too... should I bring the wife? LOL
  8. ok thanks for the help. Bellemy thats a great idea on the mushrooms. I will have to try that. The way I have been doing mushrooms is putting them in a bowl with some rubble and just waiting. Half the time the mushrooms floated away. I have never done zoas so I was just curious how everybody else does it.
  9. When fragging zoas and mushrooms can they be glued to plugs or do you have to wait and let them attach to the plugs by themselves?
  10. Excellent job as always Ron. I can hardly wait until next year when we have MACNA in our own backyard and we can give them a true SWFMAS showing.
  11. Pipe organ Pictures. Mother colony Pipe organ Frag 1 (daylight and actinic) Medium frag Pipe organ Frag 2 (daylight and actinic) Largest of the frags. Attached to live rock. Pipe organ Frag 3 (daylight and actinic) a set of 3 smaller pieces Toadstool Leather Mushroom Mother Colony Frag 1 (3 separate toadstools on a piece of live rock) Frag 2 1 toadstool on live rock Frag 3 (3 separate toadstools on a piece of live rock) Blue Mushroom Colony Blue Mushroom 1 and 2 (Attached to pieces of rubble) Green porcillipora frags.
  12. Updated List. I will not have the green mushrooms because they are floating around in the tank somewhere and I only have 2 blue mushrooms.
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