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  1. The winter hasn't been too bad till today. Also I haven't lost anymore corals but I haven't gotten anymore either. Will
  2. Sure Stanley would you mind driving it up to me lol. Glad it's doing good for you. Will
  3. Almost back to normal. Lost about 90% of my sps corals in the move but the clams and the fish all made it. I'll try to take a pic layer today. Will
  4. There is a difference between RO and RO/DI, I believe that was the point Joe was making. Every house I've lived at had RO for drinking water, but DI was only used for the fish tanks.
  5. RO water safe to drink, RO/DI water not so much. As far as the boil water I agree with Ron, RI might not remove enough bacteria.
  6. If you end up coming by my way when you go to New York let me know and I'll make a list of what I want. Will
  7. Thanks for all the kind words. We made it up just fine, horses and fish too. Will
  8. To all those who helped me over the years and those I've met, thanks and it has been a pleasure. I am moving to greener pastures literally, I'm moving to a 55 acre farm in South Carolina. It has been enjoyable being in the club and on the bod. I wish everyone the best of luck. Will and Meghann
  9. I've use a dremel tool a few times but owned it before the tank. Imo I wouldn't buy one just for fragging, like stated above bone cutters or snips. Will
  10. I'll let you know, but you'll have to come get it Saturday. Psammocora coral Will
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