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  1. Conference was great and the quality of the speakers is always very good. I didn't get to sit in on the other talks (the banquet talk was great!) looking forward to next year and will certainly do everything we can at Addictive Aquaculture to help grow the conference. Thank you everyone who helped plan and coordinate- it is a tough job I know and it is appreciated.
  2. One more raffle prize from AddictiveAquaculture.com and ProClear Aquatics ProClear has given us an Ultra Line Sump with a retal MSRP of $239.00 These are only available on my website beginning this week! addictiveaquaculture.com I have the paperwork for the raffle which I will bring with the LRS raffle prizes as well. The Ultra line of sump features: · Bubble silencer for better filter sock utility (less pounding on the sock itself, less detritus being forced back into the water and not trapped) · An adjustable water flow gate valve for complete control · “3-in-1” compartment for your choice of Wet/Dry, Live Rock or Refugium functions The “3-in-1” functionality will grow with the end user, who typically starts off in Freshwater and ‘graduates’ to Saltwater. As a retailer bonus, the Ultra line will save you space in your store because you won’t have to carry different types of sumps! Raffle Prize: Ultra 100 Model. Dimensions are: 24”x 10”x 16”. MSRP $239. Where to Buy: NOT available yet…this is a preliminary offer! ;-) Please inform the group that they should look to buy these units from your company online once we get that going! Have a great weekend! Best regards, Nancy
  3. We sell a ton of these dosers on AddictiveAquaculture.com. Out of the 400 or so we've sold, I have had only two issues which were easily dealt with via phone call or email conversation. Great product you all will be happy with these. Chris
  4. Yes he has time to update you all! Ill make sure of it! Lol
  5. Matt Thank you again for the stuff for Braydens school project!
  6. just got in- where are you located? heres my number text me yours so we can connect 2392806077
  7. Matt- your sig is too funny Lol! Where are you located? Are you going to the boardroom bbq on sunday? my cell is 239-280-6077
  8. These still for sale? I have a vacant carpet nem in my tank that would host them nicely
  9. My 13 year old son is doing a school project on why coral has color as well as growth measurements over time in specific water parameters. Does anyone have any frags they can donate for education or sell cheap? could be anything, mushrooms or whatever. Thanks Looks like we got another one for the hobby!
  10. For sale a 125gal Oceanic Dual Overflow Reef Ready Glass Aquarium with Light Oak Stand and Canopy. Ive had this tank in use since 2002 and its great! Just going bigger. Not a long tank. Here are a couple of pics Shoot me offers I will accept anything reasonable. Call or Text me at 2392806077 Sorry for the upside down pics!
  11. Eric I would like to order 2 DC9000 put me down for that and let me know where to send payment.
  12. Charlie- im using timers now... however, they are an abrupt on and off. Until I deploy (i love that word deploy LOL) a reef angel which i can program to brighten leds over a two hour period I need to find something that will have a longer delay. I did find a couple of threads on the interwebs that reference using reostats and breadboards so Im off to read.
  13. Here's what Im tying to accomplish... without buying a controller because Im getting a new tank in November and plan to look at controllers after the Christmas fray is done. I have 3 reef torch fixtures- they are dimmable and are powered by meanwell drivers- 2 per fixture, 1 per color channel. I want to add red/orange multichip led fixtures so I can simulate sunrise and sunset. Not for the critters because I dont think they will care either way. Im looking for a way to take the two (sunrise/sunset) fixtures, the 3 reef torches and the 1 strip of moonlight leds to brighten and dim over the course of 1 to 2 hours. So in the morning say from 7am to 9 is sunrise and at say 830 the blue leds gradually come up and at 1230 the whites come up and then at 530 the whites go down and so on. Anyone got any ideas? The reef torches are analog- the new fixture has only 1 analog input so I may just take that out of the equation and have it pop on at 130 with the full daylight spread.
  14. Thanks! The blue carpet in the back is bigger but not as bright! MACNA find! Wish MACNA Was here every year!
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