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  1. I have a solana 67xl that is rimless starfire glass with Sump.
  2. Pm sent. Luckily (or not) my company is helping in the Publix stores so I get to work stocking shelves and helping customers. Man people still aren’t taking this stuff too serious. At least the shoppers in the stores I’ve been in. Scary !
  3. Down to 2 left. 1 w/diffuser, 1w/out.
  4. Selling 5 AI Hydra 26 HD’s. All 5 come with the HMS bracket and extension cords. 3 of the 5 come with 3DReefing diffusers. 2 w/o diffusers asking $215/ea. 3 w/diffusers asking $230/ea none are older than 14 months and none have been run full blast.
  5. Selling a brand new pack of 25 Hanna Phosphorus ULR reagent packets. Expire in July of 2022 $8 cape coral
  6. Clams still available, but the corals are all gone !
  7. Have to edit the clam sizes as I just measured them exactly. Squamosa is 5.5” Derasa is 6” thought they were a hair bigger because of their girth. But that’s the length of each. I will try and get some better pics tomorrow
  8. Selling a large softball sized colony of ORA German Blue Digitata ($50) 2 frags of Jason Fox Cooler’s Champagne acro ($40/ea) 1 fat healthy 6-7” Squamosa clam ($145) 1 Fat healthy 6-7” derasa clam ($135) german blue colony of Cooler’s Champagne acro (frags to be cut yet) Squamosa in front of derasa clam derasa clam (hard to see behind the fish)
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