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  1. Aquarium and reef on del prado. Yes it is glass.
  2. Refugium behind jbj in tank filter. Just have a cheap 6500k led.
  3. Full tank shot with AI prime hd.
  4. I'll get some up tomorrow when we return from our vacation.
  5. Hello reefers! I'm a long time member, just haven't been active on the site for a while. Hope everybody is still doing well. Anyways went from a 180g peninsula to this 5g reef, has an AI prime hd, small refugium behind a jbj internal bio filter and a small powerhead. This pic is approximately 6 months apart.
  6. Have no clue if it will hold, but those dimensions sure sound cool!
  7. Just lmk...I had it over a 10g reef for a while just dialed it way down!
  8. Fixtures about a year old, its in perfect condition and I have all optics in a ziploc bag took them off because tank was so shallow I didn't need them! They snap back on easily.
  9. I have a evergrow dimmable d120 led (full spectrum) I'm looking to trade for a single 250w mh setup retros fine its going over a 24" tank. If I need to add some cash that's fine. Names Ronnie 239-896-8233
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