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  1. Approx 100+ polyp colony of red People eater zoas on a rock. They’re in low light and rather dark in color. measures approx 5-6” wide. $100. Located in Naples, 34116
  2. Naples, 34116. Near 951 and golden gate parkway. My Number is 2393046229 if you’d like to txt
  3. Medium sized acro colony for sale. Approximately 6” x 5” looking down on it. Base is a large flat square tile. Light blue tips, very fast grower. Nice tabling form. asking $70, located in Naples. IMG_3560.MOV
  4. Large purple digi colony for sale. Approx. 6” tall x 6” wide x 5” wide. stems up from a single stem, encrusted on a large tile. Formation looks almost like a tree great piece to sit on the sand bed. Grows like a weed in low light. Asking $50. Naples 34116 2393046229 Top down side shots
  5. I have frags of Easter egg available. Txt me 2393046229
  6. WTB a three/4 channel dosing pump with the controller. Cheap, like under $50-$60. Naples area but willing to travel for it. Rather than rebuild mine I’d rather just buy another used since they are pretty cheap. Let me know if you have anything for sale!
  7. Colony of green/blue fuzzy mushrooms on a large “y” shaped Tonga branch live rock. Rock is about 18-20” long. I’d guess about 20-30 mushrooms. I just moved the rock and some are on the bottom. $100 obo. Naples 34116
  8. purple digi, grafted monti, red monti caps and green birdsnest frags left. Will add more soon.
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