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  1. For sale in 34116. Asking $45. Always worked well. Sometimes pump needs all the air out before it’ll start.
  2. Two hydra 26HD. Working perfectly. One white, one black.. $225 each. Includes mountings arms, etc. message or txt me: (239)304-6229
  3. I have a reefkeeper lite with 2 power bars and alc light controller asking $130
  4. Also confucia, forest fire digi, and Jedi mind trick
  5. I have sunburst cap, Superman, reverse Superman, red/green grafted cap that’s turned all red (I hear it can turn back) and green with blue polyps cap 2393046229
  6. Massive coral sell off. Preparing early for a tank breakdown or possibly a tank swap. Everything for sale. PM me what you’re interested in and I can give you prices. Or just come on by and I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Many members here have seen the deals I give. Free frag and / or frags with every purchase. Selling frags or whole colonies. Better deals the more you buy. All types of corals located in Naples, golden gate city, 34116. feel free to txt any time and I’ll get back to you ASAP (239)304-6229
  7. Selling two ocean revive t247 led units. White full spectrum / blue channels controlled separately with built in timers. Have the legs shown for each, and remotes as well. Great condition. $100 each. Naples 34116
  8. Large war coral colony on rock. 6” or so long. Asking $60. Located in Naples, 34116.
  9. Located Naples, 34116. 1.25” frog skin acro frag - $15 1” green echinata - $15 (Mother) .75” purple chronic acro - $15 (Mother) 2” green slimer double branch frag $10 approx 60 polyp frag of bob Marley zoanthids on 1.5” dia disc - $80 Superman monti fully encrusted frag tile $30 Reverse Superman fully encrusted 2” x2” frag tile $60
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