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  1. I work on Sanibel and am setting up yet another tank in our office. I'm looking for a stand for our 55gal. dimensions are 13"x48 1/2". Wood or iron doesn't matter if it is wood preferably a medium color wood grain would be excellent. If anyone has an iron stand with another 55gal we would be interested in purchasing both the tank and the stand.
  2. I got my 20 up and running over the past 2 weeks I've put about 25lbs of live rock in my tank (from 3 different locations), I have some red and blue shrooms, pulsing xenia, and some star polyps (from 2 different locations) and a bunch of inverts. Last night I noticed i had some flat worms on my glass. I brought them into work today to look under the microscope and concluded that they are Convolutriloba spp. I haven't found any definite literature saying one way or another if they are harmful or not other than they have a symbiotic relationship with green algae. Does anybody know about this? Any solutions?:D/>/> Maybe a six lined wrasse??? here is the main link that i found on these guys anybody recognize them??? My link any info would be helpful thanks!
  3. Dave, that sound's great, we'll be in touch
  4. I'm starting up a 20gal Fish only system. I'm looking for 30-35 lbs of live rock medium to smaller pieces. It doesn't all have to be seeded but some would be nice.
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