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  1. Setting up a new tank and looking for another radion xr15 or a few (2) kessil 360s. Feel free to text me if anyone has something they are looking to sell. Thanks Terry 239-222-3337
  2. Was great meeting you this weekend Ron. All the corals look great in my tank and I look forward to the next session of frags from your display tank!
  3. Any chance your avaliable this morning? I would like to check out what you have left. If so text me your address and I will head your way or set up a better time. Terry 407-492-6436
  4. PM Sent, Im availible all morning just shoot me your address Terry 407-492-6436
  5. Yes i am got a new phone this week so i have lost everything, sorry about the delay. I would love to come out tomorrow morning if your free for a few minutes for me to pick it up? Just send me your address and what time is best for you. Terry 407-492-6436
  6. I would like to meet up tomorrow if your availible, text me anytime. Thanks Terry 407-492-6436
  7. Thanks for the help, I found both and have an email out to the guy with 2 already im gonna pick through RC tonight as is took me forever this morning to find the for sale section. lol
  8. I am looking for an addition AI Sol Blue fixture for my 125 (I currently have 2 white fixtures I got from Viet), if anyone has one or knows anyone who is getting rid of one please let me know. I have been searching a few other sites but haven't had much luck catching one in time or it feels like a scam. Ebay has a few for about 370+shipping but would prefer to buy from someone local if possible. Thanks Terry 407-492-6436
  9. Nice meeting you as well, the lights were a big help thanks again
  10. Ill buy them if they are still availible, ill text you this morning
  11. Yes it is still available, I got a text interested in it last night that I am going to get back with this morning on, let me know if it was you as my original buyer didn't show last night. Thanks
  12. I purchased new lights from Viet last week and considered keeping a backup light but need to clear out a few things in the garage so im starting with my old fish tank stuff. It is a 12 bulb T5 fixture. (960W if you run them all) Not sure the brand as i bought it from a friend who had it built a few years back for his 125G. It was way to much light for what i wanted to do in the first place. I have it up on CL for $300 but would rather sell it to someone here before that. Let me know if you have any questions. There are a few pictures on the CL add. Thanks Terry 407-492-6436 http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/for/3621198294.html
  13. I will be selling my T5 fixture now that i have the LEDs from Viet. 6' fixture that runs 12 80w bulbs. I dont have a price set on it yet but let me know if anyone is interested, Ill be posting it this weekend. Terry 407-492-6436
  14. Text me when your up Viet, I want them! Terry
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