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  1. RickO would like to get on the "Going" list
  2. RickO and Lisa will be going. I have snorkeled this site before and they have a great underwater trail with mounds of rocks, sunken boats and other fun stuff to look at including tropical fish.
  3. A friend of my daughter Amy, is a Graduate student at the University of Florida, Ruskin facility and is looking for Firefish that are breeding or near breeding stage for a settling out/ rearing project that is part of his master’s program. If you know of any pairs either in home aquarium or at a LFS let me know. Thanks RickO
  4. Mark I have quite a bit of rock removed form my 220 gallon set up and has been dry for a couple of years if instrested. All shapes and sizes. Let me know if intrested. RickO
  5. Does anyone know what collection rules will apply for critters?
  6. Don’t forget to bring a diver down flag. If you have a spare pls throw it in also in case we need to sit up the group.
  7. RickO and LisaO are going. We may have additional friends tag along.
  8. Blackfin does not have online reservations available for June because of Covid 19. You must call them directly at 305-743-2393.. I just made my reservations coming in Friday June 26 and leaving June 28. RickO
  9. RickO is going and grabbing the carpool seat with MattE Zyphen
  10. How large of storage tanks are you looking for? I have two 15-20 gallon tubs with drains and removal able lids.
  11. RickO and LisaO will be at the parking lot at 9:00. Veggi tray
  12. Dave works nights and has a busy schedule. I will PM him and ask him respond to you. RickO
  13. Glad to have you come. We will have more as we get closer. RickO
  14. The Keys trip is set for June 22 and 23. Black Finn motel will be the headquarters for most club members attending. The previous dates will not work as Black Finn was sold out. Saturday morning we will be snorkeling on Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary as a group and have dinner together Saturday night. I will be stopping after the snorkel trip to look around the "horse shoe" area and scout for creatures to collect. Sunday will be open for snorkeling and side trips to local attractions and possible stop at KIP Aquatics on the way out of the Keys. Please make your own hotel reservations at the Black Finn on Marathon 305-743-2393 Please respond with how many snorkelers you will have on the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary boat trip. RickO & LisaO (2) ChemStar & Zyphen (2) JTSpeedy + 1 (2) D4cats + 1 (2) jdhuyvetter RickO
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