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  1. I have a used JBS 1/5 Chiller. Works fine. Come and get it. Free! A small frag as token of appreciation would be nice. PM if interested.
  2. Price buster! $89.00 includes remote. Will accept trades
  3. LED Programmable Light - 32 inches with remote. $150 or will trade. Works great. PM if interested.
  4. Hi Wayne,  Do you have any more star polyps? 

    1. Wayne


      Sure do. How big of a piece do you want?

  5. what is the address of the meeting this Saturday?
  6. Thanks Ron. It makes me feel better than I am not the only one who has gone through this tragedy. I have been researching the APEX controller that would help monitor the tank in my absence. Have you heard of this or do know of something else? I would hate to throw in the towel but I am very close.
  7. it breaks my heart that a power surge caused my chiller to decrease its calibrated temperature to 57 degrees and basically wiped everything out of my tank. We went away for a few days and had someone check on the tank, however the power surge must have happened in between the checks. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am now in warranty discussions with the chiller manufacturer but of course, they will never reimburse me for my livestock. My wife thinks it is time to give up the hobby. I am having second thoughts as well. If I do restock, maybe there are some members that have a few items I can purchase from you to get me started again. So sad.
  8. Looking to buy hearty frags of star polyps. Small encrusted rock is good too. Please PM if you have something I might like. Thank you.
  9. Aqualogic Digital Temp Controller for sale or trade. Retails new at $195. Open to offers for purchase or trade. https://aqualogicinc.com/product/digital-temperature-controllers/ PM if interested.
  10. Looking to buy either a new 1/5 chiller or slightly used. LMK Thank you
  11. ISO of reliable and experienced tank maintenance person to care for my 105 g tank on a bi-monthly basis Cleaning, water changes, testing, etc. I live in Bonita. PM if interested in discussing further. References req. Thank you.
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