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  1. 180 Gal reef ready oceanic tank very thick glass and very heavy 72x24x24 Custom made Maple stand and canopy Aquatic Life sump and fuge I think its around 45 gallons. The fuge has been up and running about 3 years and full of life. H&S 200 external Skimmer this thing is a scum sucking beast this is an $800.00 skimmer. BRS carbon reactor BRS phosphate reactor Phosban reactor. GSRI external return pump this is a very good pump I have not had an issue with it in 6 years. The lights are 6 80watt T-5s run off of two icecap 660's (I'm growing SPS with no problem. I have all the power heads in the system hydro's and maxi jets, also have several extra to go along to. With the perches of this system. LR approx 300+ pounds LS approx 3 to 4 inches across the bottom (don't know how much weight. Live Stock Purple Tang XL this is a $300.00 fish Sailfin Tang XL Chevron Tang XL Hippo Tang LG Hippo Tang MED Perc Clown MED Cinnamon Clown MED Marine Bata LG Brittle Star x2 LG CORAL Well I have a ton of different Zoes covering lots of rock I have a lot of Acro Frags that have been in the system for a while and are all about three inches high and are spreading out over the frag plug and onto the rock. I have a large Tri color Acro that I have had since it was about 2" frag and now it a small colony about 10" to 12" high I also have a couple of Monti's as well pink, red, and some that I don't Know what. I have a Toad stool that is about 12 to 14 inches round and one that I fragged that is 4" around. Finger leather LG Cactus leather XL Frogspawn LG Lots of rare Acro SPS's Hammer LG Dunkin GSP FL Ric's Green Trumpet x2 Red and Green brain LG Lots of Shrooms and yes their is even a very large rock covered in red Yuma's each one 5 to 6 inches this rock along would sell for $500.00 or so in the LFS. I know that I have not listed everything but the tank is full of coral and frags. Also with the purches of this system there's a 90 gal on a pine stand that has about 60 pounds of LR and some sand. I was going to have this as a fish holding tank. Also have extra skimmers, pumps, sump , bulbs, plumbing etc. Also have a brand new BRS 9 stage RODI with 2 TDS meters and pres gage.This is a $300.00 system Also have a ton of ALK and CAL solution to last you for a about a year. $2000.00 Firm 239-834-9471
  2. You can get a super deal and buy it then your tank would be full;) . No Im just to the point were I cant devote the time that is needed and its starting to show. Between my work schedule and three boys playing base ball I cant keep up. I dont know what happened yester day but I was holding a large clump of pulsing xenia it was up on my frag rack. Well I came home from work last night and the xenia was completely gone and right under my frag rack was a very nice size neon birdsnest that has been growing well for a while, well i guess it got the fallout from the xenia and was completely wiped out. I know I wont get out of the hobby forever but Its time for a break you should get stress relief from a hobby and right now mine is just add to my level of stress. This is a chance for someone to really get a nice complete system with alot of coral there is even some nice Garf Acro frags that have really taken off.
  3. 180 Gal complete live stock included see my buid for details $2000.00 Ive got that much in the coral and fish alone. Im not parting out so dont ask everything goes at once and the price is very low so dont offer anything lower if you are intrested call me Bryson 834-9471
  4. Thats one reason I like my caps, because when I see them starting to lighten up the first thing I check is my ALK 99.9% of the time it will be low. Buff it back up and your done I guess you can call it a PM (preventive maintance) coral.
  5. WOW... Glad I did not buy any LED's from him know. If he as any kind of morals maybe he will make it right, if not these kind of people eventualy get whats coming to them. I say if he's going to screw over the members of this site he should be band from selling anything on the site and at local swaps, Just my 2 cents.
  6. Ive had both Cal reactor and two part, Cal reactor's are great when you get it adjusted to your system and will supply your system with both Cal and Alk I did find my self occasionally using buffer to adjust my Alk. The Two part has worked great as well (BRS two part) the only draw back is you have to keep up with it daily. If you set up a dosing system that would be the way to go with the two part then you would just have to check the operation from day to day. I my self will be purchising another Cal reactor (duel chamber) and setting it back up. I have not ever used Kalk reactor yet so cant give any input on these. There is alot of input on these three systems on RC.
  7. I think you should just go head and get the 300 DD Marineland because you know you will want a bigger tank after the 265 is set up for a while.
  8. Im in just let me know and will help out..
  9. If I could aford it I would have a 10 bulb 60" ATI light on my system I have heard only good reviews about these lights.
  10. Sorry to confusion I get great color and shmmer, Im switching back because Im wanting to stuff SPS's in my system and dont want to just have them up towards the top. If I could stuff 6 more 80watt T-5s over my tank then I would not switch there are so many slections when it comes to T-5 bulbs you can achive just about aything. They have 10 bulb systems as well and with a big $ for good lights like ATI fixture you could probably grow anything just about anywhere in your system. With that being said if It depends what kind of coral you want to have mixed, SPS dom, LPS dom. No extra in electric for the chillier but yes for the MH and as far as bulb replacement they run around the same give or take.
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