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  1. 2 year old Super Reef Octopus XP5000 In Sump Protein Skimmer in excellent condition. It has a brand new, never used Bubble Blaster 5000 pump just recently replaced by CoralVue because it was still under warranty. This skimmer is rated for up to 500 gallons and currently retails for $799. I will take $400 firm for it. Body size: 12" Footprint: 16.5"x14" Neck size: 6" Height: 25" 45 watts It's easiest to reach me by email: [email protected]
  2. WTB large black & white ocellaris/Darwin clownfish, Please shoot me a pm if you have one available for sale or trade. Thanks!
  3. Thank you. I'm looking forward to it!!!
  4. Can new members just meet you there at Ruskin? My husband and I would like to go and we just joined with a family membership.
  5. Did you collect this hatch? Mine lay on a piece of clay pot and I remove it right before llights out on the night I know they're going to hatch. I set it up in a separate tank and put an air stone under it. The next morning after they've hatched, I add rotifers and the algae (Rotifer Diet from REEDS mariculture). I put TONS of rotifers in there and keep the water green with the Rotifer Diet until after meta. That way the roifers co-culture. I have some 4 days old fry right now...I haven't had to add any more rotifers yet - they're still very dense. I don't do BBS anymore...I start adding Otohime A around day 4 or 5 along with the rotifers, then eventually wean them to just Otohime (also available from REEDS).
  6. Hi GatesoRay, I've got several hatches of clownfish fry that I am raising right now. The oldest are about 3 mos. old. I can help you out with any questions you might have - just let me know.
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