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  1. First of all, thanks to all for the advice...reducing the times of the light cycles has helped a lot! I think that after another water change or two, I'll have it under control! Second of all...you guys are too much for me...Becky who?! LOL! Nice one! I know that you all must miss me so....hahaha! Ron, to answer your question, yes. I tested the Phosphate tonight and it is between 0.0 and 0.25. I am assuming (whew, I don't know if I should) that the number I got isn't too bad...right?! I would however LOVE if you could test my RO water for me. Let me know if you wouldn't mind like before
  2. Hey everyone...yes, I AM still alive, lol!!! No, but seriously, I have been so busy lately that I barely have time to get on here anymore...but I'm going to make time...hopefully no one missed me too much I need help...got new T5 lights from ATI and for the past week I've got an algae problem and I don't know what to do...it isn't serious, but I don't want it to turn into anything serious. I gave the tank a complete overhaul late last week but that doesn't seem to be working...I need assistance from my peeps Thanks a million, Becky
  3. Happy Late Birthday Steve!! We haven't been on the site in about a week, but I just got on and wanted to say Happy Birthday! We hope that you had a wonderful day!!! Becky & Anthony ;)/>/>
  4. YAY!!! Anthony, you're the man honey :D/>/> Couldn't be more happy for you...good things come to those who wait! Love you
  5. Jeff, If you want to bring the snorkel/mask/fins, that's up to you...we normally just wade while there, but Gates and his brother, Tag, love to have their masks! As for food, we normally all bring a little something...the club usually does the hamburgers and hot dogs, but Jeff D. can confirm this. As for when collecting, per state codes, you must have a bucket with a battery powered air pump. We (Anthony and I) have two nets...one smaller than the other...so it's all in what you have. We are definitely looking forward to meeting you!! Becky :D/>/>
  6. I agree with Sanibel...even though that's where we were last year, it was an excellent location, the facilities are very clean, and there is lots of fun in the sun there! JMO... :D/>/>
  7. Hi Peter! Welcome 8)/>/> Hope you can make it to the BBQ...I'm sure with all of your knowledge, we'd all like to pick your brain, lol! No, but seriously, we're absolutely glad to have you 8)/>/>
  8. Hahaha...I love it! We're hoping to make it too...just depends on if Anthony has to work that weekend! We'll see...
  9. No problem Jeff! I will get them made this weekend and mail them both to you!!
  10. I don't know about ya'll, but I can see the following icons for Steve: Add As Friend PM This Member View Gallery
  11. Heck yeah...I'm kind of a big deal, lol! No, I'm only joking...that's what Anthony always tells me...you know me, I would never get a big head about anything!!! I have been trying to help out where needed since Scott is not able to help right now. I actually just figured out, by process of elimination this morning how to change a few things, hahaha!
  12. Obviously someone did something wrong...but I'm sure it was just an accident. I was recently given "The Power", lol and just figured out how to change the status so I will change yours right now 8)/>/> Done 8)/>/>
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