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  1. I have Radion XR30 Pro's over the tank.
  2. Not in particular. I left the hobby 8+ years ago and now just stocking back up a new SPS tank. I haven't had time to follow the "newest" name of a red Millipora, lol. I'm open to stags, milli's, deep waters, bottle brush, table Acros. Really anything Acro if it is healthy, and colorful. Open to some Montipora as long as its not the run of the mill orange/red/green cap or digi. I would like to find a nice pink birds nest as well.
  3. Are there any SPS addicts around Southwest Florida that are actively fragging Acropora/montipora/ect? I am looking for some high quality corals since most of the local stores around town have a lack luster selection when it comes to SPS. Thanks in advance.
  4. New Eshopps S-300 gen 4 skimmer only used in tank for 3-4 weeks. Works great but it was over sized for my tank, and I want to run a couple other reactors and didn’t have the space with this. Purchased from saltwater solutions in Bonita springs for $550 Selling for $425 firm. Great performing skimmer. Location S. Fort Myers.
  5. nice pics! I LOVE the Tortugas, I''ve gone the last two summers in a row on our boat and its one of my favorite trips to take.(We fish mostly, but do bring a few scuba tanks) There are a number of reefs and wrecks that have moorings for scuba divers and snorkelers inside the park boundaries that are worth taking a look at. If you have a boat capable, i would definatley try to do it on your own vs. the ferry. The run from KW is easy as pie, just plan your trip around the weather(i prefer late spring/early summer) and make sure you have enough fuel.
  6. Hey everyone, Im looking for someone to help mataine a 180 gallon sps tank that is kept at my folks house. I have been taking care of it for them, but recently i have been to busy to take care of a few issues im having with the tank... Specifically they HAVE to be familar with fighting dinoflagellates and red bugs. If anyone knows a trustworthy, knowlegeable person that can take care of the alage issue since i dont have time to take care of it, it would be much apprecated. Also the tank is in cape coral... Thanks!
  7. Wow, thanks for all the great info. I cant really move my chiller anywhere because it is pretty far from the garage and would be pretty hard to plumb it that far away. I will try to give you a call this evening DAVECC and talk. I feel venting through the wall and into the attic would be a good option however i feel like there are some studs that run horizontally across the wall that would get in the way and make for a big project.
  8. Hey everyone, I set up a 180 gallon reef for my parents and it has 3 - 400watt mh lights and various other equipment that creates alot of heat. I put a chiller on the tank but the chiller exhaust now just heats up the room. My parents are not happy about this so i need to find a solution for this. ideally i think the exhaust from the chiller needs to be vented outside the house. Does anyone have a solution or know someone who works with airconditioning HVAC that could adress this situation? besides running fans, cutting photoperiod, using different lights ideally i would love to keep things as they are now and try to vent out the heat from the tank if its possible, i just need to talk to someone who has experience with this. Thank you!
  9. thanks for the replys everyone! im def going to pick up a few corals at the frag swap and ill be sure to become a member then. sounds like locally its tuff to come across stores that stock what i like so anyhow. btw any local stores carry salifert alk test kits usually? id prefer to pick up local then order online for that kind of stuff?
  10. Hey all! i just moved to the area from pittsburgh PA, and finally got my tank up and running. It has finished its cycle and stabalized so im starting to add corals. I've been to all the stores listed on this website for cape coral/ft myers, however none of the ones for naples(except bonita beach store i have been to). id love to hear feed back on what stores are good for what items.... esp in the sps coral department. besides the ones listed on here, are there any other stores ? i could have sworn there was a pretty nice store next to a publix when i came down 6 months ago in cape coral that seemed decent, but i cant find it for the life of me. i need to join this club and i look forward to the frag swap coming up this month, however i dont really have anything to trade :0( secondly is there anyone one on here that grows/sells sps frags themselves because i would definatly be interested as long as its good quality aka pest free and good colors :0)
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