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  1. Rick, Charlie, and Jason, Lets have a conference call on tuesday night at 7:30. Rick, pm you phone # ... I already have charlies and jason's. If tuesday night does not work let me know what night works. Ed
  2. charlie, I believe the what , where and how much have been answered in my post. As to the when, it is open to dates in June, more likely the first half in June. Jason's post is to see who is interested.. Sometime in early February, we will get together come up with dates that work for the group. The cost are pretty fixed except for the airfare. We will not be flying domestic airlines as they are twice the cost of fling Insel out of Miami the fare seems to vary by up $100 depending on the weekend day. Once we determine the dates, prices will be fixed, so stay tune for meet date to finalize dates.
  3. Greetings... long time since I have been here. Right now Jason and I were thinking end of May -June. This puts us into Low season for Bonaire = cheaper hotel. Departure airport would be Miami. The airfare from Miami is aprox 500. out of RSW is about 1200. The Hotel, truck and tanks diving ranges between 750 to 1000 depending on the hotel and the number of people. If you have any questions just ask.
  4. I will be there, but no strainer needed. I already have one of their strainers.
  5. The clam is sold to Dave - it will go live with its sister clam that was bough at orlando
  6. Nope the move is happening because my condo was sold, only issue was the closing date. tanks is being move sold pieces can be sold from LH. The tank will be take apart sunday about 10. for those wanting fish/shrrimp this would be a good time to get them or pick them up in lehigh in the early afternoon before they are put back in the tank. I believe the s The hippo is spoke for either by Jason or Jeff. the starbright is also spoken for.
  7. Jeff, Yes the tank is going to Lehigh. Jason has agree to help by setting up tank up and helping sell the livestock before the equipment. I need two more helpers at least for the big items which bringing the tank down the stairs. If you are interested in any of the fihs this would be the time to get them as they. Fish: flame wrasse Yellow tang starry blenny Pair of clowns oscellaris and domino with large paly rock 2 cleaner shrimp pistol shrimp
  8. Need some help moving a 120g and critters from Naples to Lehigh on Sunday July 21. Let me know if you can assist.
  9. the size of the sume is !6 X 26 by 16 which is approx 35 to 40 gallon with 4 sock spaces
  10. I still love the hobby and I am still going to Macna. Just decided I needed to simplify my life. In regard to a coralthon, If somebody makes me a reasonable offer and they want to sell piece by piece, they can make some money.
  11. Large sump for sale need some minor repair. $75. pic to follow
  12. Greetings, I have decided to take a break from the hobby. I am selling my 120 gallon setup. The price is $1500 for the setup with T5 lights or $1600 with the Group buy leds. I will post pictures later. Equipment 120 Tanks with dual overflows stand and canopy 20-30 gallon sump 2 koralias 3 1 tunze 6105 2 150 watt heaters 1 homemade algea scrubber 1 1205 eheim 1 homebuilt 20 gallon auto fill From the top of my head here is what is in the tank. 150 lbs of live rock -mated ocellaris clownfish and domino clownfish along witht thier green paly rock -male flame wrasse - starbright blennie - 5 inch yellow tang - 6 inch blue hippo -pair of fire gobies -5 inch blue tridacna clam - 1 cleaner shrimp -1 multiple emerald craps - maybe 1 one raiinford goby -some moon snails , tequila snails, turbos - reproducing pair of sea cumbers along with ton of of baby ranging form 1/4 inch to 2 inches and growing corals 3 blue agave 1 rasta gold acantra pink gonipora large miami vice chalice pink limeade rainbow acan colony black tubastrea 1 orange tubsatrea sunset monti 15 + ricordia large gorgonian colony of pink spagetti leather super large colony of green sinularia + smaller colonies baseball size green organ pipe colony large (6 inch wide) leather with yellow polyps I believe it is a SteveTyree since i bought it from him Large hammer colony' 3 colonies of green Lots of yellow zoas blue tubs colony Large white Bubble Colony Two colonies of green pocillopora 4 mini maxi anemoneas 1 large colony and 1 small colony of eagle eye zoas 2 large colonies of fire and ice zoas 1 large and 2 small colonies of green cyphastrea 1 large colony of pink cloves 1 piece of pink 2 red digitata 1 montipora confusa 2 larrge cinamon zoas 5 captain america palys I am sure I am forgetting lots of things to many to list PICTURES to FOLLOW If you are interested give me a call 321-872-8228. All reasonable offers will be heard. Ed
  13. I have colony size green sinulara http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://wavespring.com/maryland/gh/JMC_3801.jpg&imgrefurl=http://wamas.org/forums/topic/31724-my-new-coral-greenhouse/&h=428&w=639&sz=207&tbnid=tv6LtvLc1k4Y2M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=134&zoom=1&usg=__zMAbBo5y_uDIsIRV60OP7NYgQ0c=&docid=lUXrnTp9aaEsBM&sa=X&ei=9jOyUbPELaTb0QGWgYGYCA&ved=0CD4Q9QEwAw&dur=639
  14. I am sorry I am going this miss this trip. I will be up the road diving in Key Largo. You will have a good time at the sunset grill, get there in time for the sunset.
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