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  1. Get some reeflux and it'll take care of it.
  2. got an 80g deep blue rimless 48" x 24" x 16".. has a 6 bulb T5, powerheads, sump, skimmer.. $500
  3. I have a Sherman BTA.. pretty close to a black widow.
  4. Even with a generator I'd estimate about 50% loss.. I didn't lose any fish, but corals with no light for 5 days and temperature swings.. said buh bye to most all my SPS.
  5. $80.. sumped and ready for pickup. 4.5" Blonde naso tang starting to get streamers.
  6. 50lbs?!?! Lookin for the lifetime supply? I just buy the premixed bags from BRS. It's free shipping, no minimum. I use about 2 gallons of solution a year for a 180g tank and I'm running a calc reactor which adds to the depletion. Not worth it to me to buy in bulk and deal with moisture issues down the line. It's on sale now for $9.89/gal.
  7. Lehigh.. straight shot up daniels pkwy
  8. I'm overgrown.. come get some. If it's big enough to frag or have multiples it's for sale.
  9. I have one I can cut but don't really wanna trade $500 in zoas..
  10. @edwardwilliams78 you get your sixline?
  11. Even his thermometer thinks this tank is sexy..
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