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  1. Bump, pack still available, but Sunkist split and will be a 2.5" clone instead of the big 3.5" mamma. I would like to keep the other as it is on one of the few rocks in the tank.
  2. Everything available, not ready to piece out yet. Would possibly sell the 1" baby OG seperate at a later time.
  3. Bump; Here are some pics of the little red devil mushroom, starting to develop a nice bright rim, and those blue frosts are starting to dimple more. Developing into a nice one. Also, will add this forest fire mushroom, was sold to me as a bounce, but has grown to 2.5" so far without any vesicles, regardless a bright moon shroom, stands out in the side view confetti rhodactis pic above. Here's some top titties ferda: Forest fire! Permafrost red devil
  4. Buying a bike so some nice pieces up for sale! Selling as a pack, very nice bounce mushroom starter pack for anyone looking to start a rare collection. Looking for only $1k. Ten Bens for quite an established "frag pack" please, thanks! -Kyle 85O-57O-1423 2.5" OG bounce with 1" natural baby! 2" Yellow Mellow bounce 3.5" Sunkist mama 1.5" Confetti Rhodactis, with bounce vessecle starting! Super rare, holding onto a natural split baby 😛 Will also include a little permafrost red devil mushroom, don't have good pictures of it yet, sorry, need to trim the algae growing around it!
  5. Ill take the Pectinia, will call in the morning and bring my buckets!
  6. Would also trade for a decent wavemaker, or really good liverock
  7. For sale, AquaEuro Apex-Titanium 1/4 HP chiller, for tanks up to 170g. I know, its cold outside... but cold summer is almost over and we will be entering warm summer again soon, dont let your tank crash when hot summer hits! Total disclosure of sale, this was part of a tank package, which i kept the tank only (RSM 250). The connections at the tank (not chiller) around the hood of the RSM were leaking, there was a mountain of salt-creep, and corrosion of the hood/lights. Those tanks are notorious for running hot, I am not using that old lid (already trashed, sorry), or need to use this chiller. I have cleaned it up, vacuumed filters, sanitized, and it turned right on. It was running with the tank just up to a couple months ago, not sure on age, but it is in fairly good condition! I am asking only $250 picked up, Matlacha. Can PM here, but I dont use these forums too often, text is bext 85O-57O-1423, thank you. It is a $750 unit, Amazon $750!
  8. Didnt end up moving after all, so i set up new 45g tank and moved most everything over while changing this biocube to a drop-off. So no longer for sale!
  9. You're too kind Wen, thank you very much! I may take you up on this, as i already have the larger tank for the new home, and will have something set up soon enough. Talk to you later! Also, here is a longer video of the tank as of yesterday: 5-30 reef_2.mp4 5-30 reef_1.mp4
  10. Just want to make some clarification: Want to sell as a complete package right now. Not interested in having a dozen people over during a pandemic to sell frags. If you tell me what you would buy and your offer, i am starting a wait list if it does not sell completely. Thank you Also, if you dont know the type of coral in pictures that you would like, im not sure i feel comfortable selling that piece. Want them to continue under good husbandry! Will try to post better pictures of the varying livestock.
  11. For sale, stocked - as seen, Biocube saltwater fish tank aquarium. It is an established reef, only needs weekly water changes and regular feedings. Included equipment; Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper lite w/ pc4 GHL Mitras LED light (best in the industry IMO) NeoTherm heater Tunze ATO nano Maxijet 1200 return pump Koralia nano powerhead Custom OctoAquatics mesh screen and acrylic lid 3 - Custom mag-rocks/aquarocks to hold frags onto side glass Pretty simple setup, low power consumption, and beautiful. Tank has been running for a couple years, all live stock pictured included. PM for detailed list to serious buyers, but only has a yellow tail damsel and masked goby as far as vertebrates. Inverts include a candy pistol shrimp pair, sexy shrimp trio, peppermint shrimp, and skunk cleaner shrimp. Corals are spectacular. True mixed reef, softies (zoas, toadstool, etc), LPS (chalice, trachy, goniopora, etc), SPS (walt disney, red planet, etc), clams, gorgonians, rainbow bubble tip anemone, macro algae (dragons breath, etc), too much to list! Some pretty ultra and bright pieces collected. I have put a lot of expense into this little reef, but am trying to buy a house and stress of the move is having me sell. Can send more photos of tank, also have HD video I can send via email. Looking to sell all together, pick up only (Matlacha), would probably take four 5-gallon buckets for rocks/coral. $1000 for it all please, OBO, just really want the corals to a good home.
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