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  1. Have a nuvo 20g drop off, rimless glass not acrylic version. Has IM mini d/C return, plenty of filter socks, neotherm heater, biocube stand and a lid made for biocube that fits well enough. It's currently up and running, been trying to sell the breeding clowns from it without luck. It's stocked with some nice carpet anemones, couple rare mushrooms, and Wen's toadstools. Shoot me your best offer, pickup in Matlacha. 20220709_152540.mp4 20220709_152540.mp4
  2. Would like to sell my clowns, they are spawning about every 11 days. We're sold as lightning maroon as tiny juveniles, she has some gold around her neck, and he is a little stud, would classify them as bullethole maroons. I'm tired of her biting my knuckles during water changes. $250 for the pair, $400 with the big green carpet. Text 85O-57O-1423, pickup in Matlacha
  3. Bump, still have the 65g redsea max available. Almost all empty, still has some rock and a couple inverts, but ready to be taken down. $500 for everything! That's tank, light, skimmer, ato, return pumps, lid. Also have plenty of livestock to choose from if you're interested for a ready reef! Call/text 85O-57O-1423
  4. Sorry, wife came down with fever yesterday so probably not a good time for at least 5 days. If you're okay maintaining precautions we can try working something out earlier, but def not today
  5. Everything in the gif and picture from the Dec 21st post is still available. Have all the trachys, few lobos, couple chalice, gorgonians, leathers, big bubble corals, anemones (rbta, mini carpets, big green carpet, tube), zoa/paly garden / den Gold mini carpet Zoa/paly den
  6. I have a couple setups for sale; ● 45g JBJ AIO curved glass rimless tank with glass lids, GHL mitras 6200 LED, GHL doser, jebao DC return pump, jebao DC wavemaker, IM hydrofill titanium ATO, hygger heater and controller, custom metal stand. $500 OBO ●65g Red Sea 250 max AIO, de-rimmed (no hood) with acrylic one piece lid, Nanobox 36" ATI hybrid LED/T5ho light (6 clusters, 6 bulbs, 2 clusters have royal blue out!), 2 jebao DC return pumps, Aquamaxx HOB filter and skimmer, ATO, red sea power center, cement brick stand if you want. $500 OBO Both systems are up and running, have livestock, live rock, live sand. Livestock is going to be extra, but can work out deals between all my tanks to have a tank ready with minimal cycling. The Red Sea is my most recent addition, and still in ugly algae stages, and light could use new t5 bulbs. Both tanks display glass have some mild scratches, not perfect condition! Pickup only in Matlacha, will help break down upon confirmation of sale, or we can work something out. Please see my mushroom pack post for remaining livestock. Thank you! 85O-57O-I423 65g 45g
  7. Also sorry to correct, but the JBJ comes with hygger heater and controller, not neotherm skimmer pulls great
  8. OG bounce pending sale tomorrow! The rainbow brain is showing its colors in the drop off tank. $250! Silver 6200 series
  9. Warpaint scoly SOLD Everything else still available, including OG bounce and carotid aneurysm bounce. Also getting to the point of selling whole tanks. JbJ 45g with aquamaxx skimmer, mitras LED, jebao DC return and powerhead, IM ato, neotherm heater; $500 package price! IM nuvo 20g peninsula drop-off (glass series), with nanobox duo LED, IM DC return, hygger powerhead, and neotherm heater (few extra filter socks as well); $500 package price!
  10. Also selling this pair of LARGE bubble corals, neon green and purple, for only $200. These are big heavy creatures, need some space and low flow.
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