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  1. For Sale: New, bought few years ago, never seen water, stored flat on purpose built rack 55 gallon Aqueon glass tank. Dimensions: 48" L x 13" W x 20" H Originally $114, selling for $50. Tank is not drilled. respond to this thread / PM / text me.
  2. The auction item list has been posted to the thread above and can be downloaded from here as well: Auction Item List.pdf
  3. I would love to see pictures for your items!
  4. Put me down for entry/membership, data entry, and checkout if you need me 😉
  5. I ducted my 210 gallon display + 58 gallon sump from the canopy out of the house and put an inline exhaust fan on the ducting (https://www.amazon.com/Soler-Palau-TD-100-line-Exhaust/dp/B0027E3Q4Y/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=Soler+%26+Palau&qid=1629173349&sr=8-5) I wired that to a smart/WiFi switch so that I can set it on a timer or run a schedule via the switch mobile app. It is far enough away (in the attic) that I can not hear it over the flow of water in the system. The AC takes care of the rest for now, but once the canopy is enclosed, I feel confident that it will remove excess heat and humidity in the air.
  6. No worries, you have been added to the list! Welcome to the club! Matt.
  7. Sorry, I missed this post, yours if you still want it.
  8. Free Ecotech MP60 wet side housing in great shape, no impeler. Comment here or PM me for details VID_20210412_191751.mp4
  9. Free parts, impeller covers show model 6045.130. Mounting clips seem to match the size of a 6045. Packaged: - Drive unit for 6055 (6055.700) - 6 Jumper in a bag (6055.241) Respond here or PM for details and to pick up. Thanks, Matt
  10. DOS sold. head unit and VDM module are still available.
  11. Sch 80 Spears and Nibco new ball valves, various sizes available: 5 x Spears 1-1/2" true union ball valves new in box with both slip and threaded bushings - $40 each 1 x Spears 1" true union ball valve new with slip bushings - $20 6 x Nibco 1" true union ball valves new with slip bushings - $20 each All prices are OBO for reasonable offers.
  12. For Sale: Neptune Apex Classic Head unit with power supply - $100 Neptune Apex VDM module with Aquabus cable - $60 Neptune DOS doser with power supply - $200 Take it all for $320!!! Apex Classic Head Unit Apex VDM Module with Aquabus USB cable Neptune DOS with power supply:
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