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  1. Also have a 60 deep blue rimless fully stocked with all equipped up and running plug and play $500
  2. $500 for everything listed still have all listed
  3. Yes still have more of everything listed Zoas and palys frags to small colonies selling cheap 😉
  4. I’m off Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Late afternoon or evening best still have a lot left just made some tyree bubble gum monster chalice frags as well selling mother colony too
  5. have two 20g tanks full Free with any 5$ coral purchase It’s the neon type very nice Dave 239-322-4344
  6. Check out my post ”moving whole system for sale” Very cheap prices Im in Lehigh but I’ll meet ya part way Im moving to north fort Myers soon and will be setting back up there Dave 239-322-4344
  7. Don’t have leathers but have a lot of nice softies at cheap prices check out my post ”moving whole system for sale” Dave 239-322-4344
  8. I have a 6’ 125g w stand and canopy 300$ it up and running selling all hopefully available soon I have corals fs too Have a lot of rock and sand Dave
  9. Hey John your welcome Please don’t hesitate if you have anymore questions or need any info on your corals Tank looks awesome buddy 🐠
  10. Not too many left but I’ll make sure you get a couple or so. There’s one rock with some on it A few singles And a little tray with one large and a few little ones
  11. Your welcome al Glad your corals are do well They look awesome Thanks for coming over
  12. Yep sure do yumas and hammers might be gone next Saturday though morgan is coming back Palys are on 2 rocks A big one and a softball size one LMK and I’ll save u what ever you want
  13. Bubble gum monster sold Indo and Tonga branch rock 2$ Lb Live sand 1$ Lb
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