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  1. Bump. I still have most all frags only now are more like colonies. Can't see the octagon tiles on the tyree bubble gum monsters anymore. 20% off marked prices Free kitty with any purchase 😺
  2. seagullcat

    Free Kittens

    Yeah Ron have zoas How things Yup my cat is not happy and says they got to go Tried to text ya but don't have area code so didn't go through Shoot me a text so I'll have right #
  3. seagullcat

    Free Kittens

    Free kittens to good home Eatting good and litter trained Very sweet 2 black 1 gray and 1 gray tabby text or call Dave 2393224344 Have a lot of frag/colonies also Most 2 yr growth
  4. Thanks Wayne Dont have a stick but will bring a cord
  5. Want to go and bring frags Dont have Facebook to look up info to send pics Is there a way to send pics in just going to use same pics that are in my "Corals for sale" thread Or I'll have pics on my phone if we can get em off it at BBQ Dave
  6. Sorry missed your post only brought half my corals to convention so still have plenty left Dont usually have phone on me so please text or leave message Dave
  7. Come see me at the convention Saturday Great discounts to club members Booth #2. 😉 See y'all there Dave
  8. Gull dang it was going there after the convention 😂
  9. Hey Rick sounds good. I'm off sat eve if that works for you.
  10. Branching hammer mother pic about 2 ft wide cut to order or can mount as well
  11. Jason fox mystic sunset $20 Tyree bubblegum monster $40-$50 duncan $15 head Star polyps $5-$15 confusa $10-$15 bubble tip $50 on rock branching hammer $10 per head Fire lamalosa $15 longlash eagle eye zoas $10-$15 discounts for club card holders Best times mon 8-10am tues 8-10am & after 5p wed anytime thurs ? Open fri 2-4pm sat 8-10am & after 5pm sun 2-4pm be someone home other times as well Wayne and Richard I have you covered Text 239-322-4344
  12. Dang just renewed 5 regs a few weeks ago. ? Think I paid about the same for a standard truck plate.
  13. Not when you only do changes 4 times a yr as in my case. LOL Might have to get some more pinwheel zoas from ya again mike. looks like my decorator crab has a new coat on this morning
  14. Nope on those bulbs,never even heard of em and they're really low K. At $2.90 each I wish it were so but your looking for $20-$25 dollar ones like joe mentioned. If this is your first saltwater tank then I suggest that you stick to softies for at least the first 12 months. Hard corals really need a WELL ESTABLISHED tank.As far as no fish,corals really benefit from fish poop,that's a technical term.I tried to do a shrimp,corals only tank but corals did bad till I started to add fish, even with a 3 month long cycle. Speaking of the cycle the longer u let it sit the stronger your tank will be. Think of it as building your army. It takes time to build up bacteria (your soldiers). The more you have the stronger your army and the healthier your tank will be in the long run. As far as sand that stays pure white, sand comes white but it's up to you and your maintenance schedule to keep it clean. Sand sifting starfish and other clean up crew will help a lot. I got the best price on sand from Joe at Joefish aquatics, he can definitely help you in all your needs.Feel free to ask all the questions you like Dave
  15. More BBQ would be great. It gives everyone more time to talk shop.
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