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  1. Don’t forget that hydros have to be done every 5 years too, so if it’s been too long you’ll have to have that done. I’m PSI/PCI certified to visually inspect scuba tanks but I don’t personally own any of the supplies to do so, otherwise I’d offer to do it for ya
  2. There is a place literally right before the bridge that rents tanks for $10 each, it’s called force-e scuba centers https://www.force-e.com/dive-shops/rentals/
  3. I own my own tank, and I know there are dive shops in the west Palm beach area really nearby blue heron that probably rent tanks but I would have to Google it. If you really want, there is a different dive shop near me I can rent tanks from for $12 each. I may rent a second tank for myself, but 4 tanks is pretty much my limit for transporting due to car size, and 2 tanks is much more manageable for me.
  4. No, unfortunately we don’t rent tanks. Plus my dive shop is in Fort Lauderdale instead of west Palm beach, and I’m not familiar enough with the dive shops in the area to know exactly which ones rent tanks
  5. I’ll be coming. I’ve been to Blue Heron Bridge before, and I’ve been dying to go again. If anyone wants to dive instead of snorkel, I’ll bring my dive gear, since I work at a dive shop now.
  6. Cool. That is GATES' normal beach for snorkel and scuba with NOVA. He will be working at DIVERS' DIRECT (80 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, FL 33004-2151) if anyone needs snorkel or scuba gear. I'm very proud and grateful to (JEff D) and SWFMAS for being such a positive influence on Gates. SWFMAS has given him access to workd class Marine facilities due to your perseverance. Gates is now taking classes in the GUY HARVEY "OC" OCEANIC CENTER where he visited with the club. Thanks to all! (And especially Jeff D.) Have fun! - Gates Dad
  7. Totally understand... Al - if you want some scraps off the bottom call me! 🙂 Emailed.
  8. Gates is studying marine and environmental science at NOVA. Therefore he would like his corals and fish to go to the homes of people that helped him learn the hobby. After livestock is safely placed in new homes the tank, stand, sump, pumps, skimmer etc will be moved on as well. Corals range from volleyball sized (pagoda cup coral) to medium-sized colonies (tubbs blue), Pavona and small fragments. Mature Blue hippo tang, falcon hawkfish, half black angelfish, Ocellaris Clownfish, Convict Damsel, 1 large brittle star ("red scary") Anemone CORALS: Donut Coral Pagoda cup (from Marco) Pavona green (& blue) Tubb’s blue Zoas (From Marco) Fire& Ice zoas Brian Green's ORANGE zoas Green zoas Blue chalice, and small Hollywood stunner chalice. Soft mushrooms attached to large premium lilve rock. Corals will come with the live rock they are on... or our best effort to safely move them. Local pickup only. Please contact Gates' Father - Mike [email protected] Located in North Naples
  9. Thanks for the kind words Ron. Gates appreciates it and so do I. He hopes that there will be an opportunity to see you guys on "his coast" in the near future.
  10. Gates has accepted a full-ride offer at NOVA's Halmos College of Oceanography. As of today, he is residing in Ft Lauderdale at NOVA. He is no longer that persuasive awkward little kid at the first coral auctions, (well he's still awkward) but a nearly full grown man and past Staff Sargent in ROTC. Gates wanted me to thank everyone in the CLUB who supported him (Ron, Elaine, Matt, Charlie), helped him (Marco), nurtured his interest in corals and fish(Jeff D.) , and treated him as an equal despite his age (Charlie, Matt, heck everyone!). I hope that there will be more SWFMAS Club meetings on the other coast that Gates and I can attend together. I'd bet that at some point, Gates will be LEADING US ALL ON A TOUR of his new environment. Thanks to many, but especially Jeff D., This Club provided Gates with unparalleled TOURS and insightful EXPERIENCES that he could not get anywhere else. We are grateful for you and the Club. Michael Mariotti
  11. Marco - Gates has a 8 tube T5 fixture that is dead... its sitting in my office partially disassembled. - Mike 994-9816
  12. Gates and Dad (maybe mom) plan on attending as well. Are there any good beachy restaurants nearby?
  13. FREE TEK LIGHT T5 8-light unit. We switched to LED. Could be good for parts or a frag set-up. It was taken down when 1 tombstone quite working. Unit culd use new tombstones (cheapr) and possibly one ballast. Not sure since the tombstone went first. Comes with hangers as well. Really good unnit when it was working. IN many ways it was better than LED. *** Text/Call Mike 239-994-9816 (Club Mmbers only)*** North Naples Area -- pickup only. I will arrange place to leave unit to a qualified person.
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