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  1. I think you have to have a paid membership to do so.
  2. Maybe replace the sand in the tank with larger non-live sand. you can put it in a smaller tank or bucket to cure for a couple of weeks.
  3. What fish do you have? Look for any signs of stress. That is what causes the ich. Ich is always in the water column. I don't think that you should treat for ich if you haven't seen it for a while. Moving a few corals at a time would be a good idea that way you can use them as Guinea pigs. Maybe start with soft then LPS. In your new tank, provide a few hiding spots for the fish to go and chill out. Once you move them over try to give them space for a bit to calm down and get used to their new surroundings. Best of luck!
  4. I think Eshopps has a a nano skimmer. I have a Eshopps skimmer, although larger, that has fantastic build quality and works great. There may be cheaper options though. Are you filter pads getting dirty too fast? If it has a light bioload and your nutrients are in check you may not need the extra capacity.
  5. They're moving... again. Looks like it is going to be a bigger location. Should be nice.
  6. I like the rock scape on this tank.
  7. I have heard of some using bleach to sterilize it as well. I assume the bleach will evaporate out. You can google the bleach part and see if it is worth it.
  8. I am having the same problem. I want to post a 150 gallon tank that I have but the part to start a new topic isn't showing up. It is also showing that I only have 2 posts which is inaccurate.
  9. I ended up buying a 72" fixture with 3 150w HQI and PC (which I don't plan on using) that I am making a custom fixture out of. I got the whole thing for $70. I got 4 bulbs with it. two 6500k and one 10000k. I just ordered a 14000k pheonix. My idea was to mix and match for different color. Have the warmer light come on in the morning then both will be on then the warmer light will end the day. The last picture is the tank that it is going onto.
  10. Looking for a light for a mixed reef tank. I would like something that is good for SPS at least on the top. Let me know what you have and what you would like for it. I have been interested in LED but I am not against Halide or T5 Mike Cape Coral, FL
  11. I am also going to keep an eye on this. I would only be interested in one. Thanks.
  12. 150W HQI AQUA MEDIC PENDENT: 150+ shipping-New Bulb 10,000k-barely used-does not include hanging kit-all the gunk, including sticker, and stains were cleaned off before it was boxed. Pendant essentially looks new1/5HP CUSTOM SEALIFE CHILLER 250+ shipping-used for a 65gallon aquarium-has 1" threaded hard plumb fittings-comes with controller that controls the chiller only-will ship at your cost.
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