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  1. Charlie and Robin are bringing buffalo chicken dip.
  2. Please count in Charlie, Robin, and Joan for snorkel trip.
  3. Have the dates and hotel for the Keys trip been locked in yet? Please advise.
  4. i'll be there robin will be out of town and i'll bring cookies charlie
  5. Can someone update the information concerning the tour of aquariums happening this month (April 2019)? I can't find any updated information about it.
  6. Thanks for the response all boxes are gone which makes room for all new stuff charlie
  7. Hey Marco someone’s suppose come by tonite to get that one if she’s a no show u got it charlie
  8. THe tanks are all drilled and I have rack as to make a multi tank syStem 6 in all charlie
  9. Yes there free jUst let me know when u can come and get them. Once there yours do with it as u wish give me a call @941 628 0922 TVs Charlie
  10. Most of yooos guys know me I’m a tinkerer and a diy guy + part pack rat! So time has come to clean house it’s free or a donation of a frag or two the only thing I ask if you want some thing in a box ,take the whole box any questions please call me Charlie @941 628 0922. I live in Punta Gorda thanks charlieCharlie
  11. Well here it is everything working fish in ,what I wanted to keep and a few new things .whats left to do is set up the doses and refinish the wood around the base of the tank. Clean up wires and general area. I love the look of an underwater jetty and the way the water moving first in a clockwise direction than reversing to counterclockwise . When feeding you can see the pattern as the floating bits are chased by hungry fish but than agin when are they not hungry. Looking for a few new things to add so I’m saving my penny’s so I can get lots of 2$ frags lol thanks for watching Charlie
  12. Ok sorry for the long delay with LAS ( lazy ass syndrome) 3 trips. Macna and hiking all over Arizona , and Grand Canyon with Rick,Lisa ,Matt and heather, and robin. working and a general dred of what I have to do !. I’ve gotten started on polishing the eching from the run away Coraline alge. A word to the wise don;t let it get this bad ! After 20 mins of sanding with 400 grit sand paper then 20 mins polishing with cerium oxide I have clear peach about the size of a small dinner plate
  13. got any sugestions every thing looks good will start moving stuff from the fish lab to main tank this week have to wait to let the dust settle from the sand charlie
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