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  1. I have one that may fit the bill. I'll have to measure the height to make sure.
  2. We are all guessing. My guess would be cycling too. The bottom line is the water should be taken to someone who is experienced in testing, and all the basic parameters tested. If those are actually OK, then other possibilities should be looked into. Water testing is not always accurate, test kits go bad, sometimes directions are confusing for the inexperienced etc. I test water quality parameters for work, and I am amazed at how much fluctuation there is between certified laboratories, so one set of tests from disposable test kits may not be reliable. Let one of the shops test the water for another point of view.
  3. I got home a bit early, so anyone that wanted to come by to pick up corals can come by now if they would like to..
  4. I messaged all of you that showed interest about the frags I have. I tried to get a good pic, but this is what I was able to do. Sorry it is not better. There are seven frags. One is very small, $10. Two that are a bit larger are $15. There are three medium ones, one has a break that is not healed over yet, $20, and the other two are $25. For reference those two are about 1.75" tall, and well branched. The largest frag is $30, and is slightly over 2.5". Those who I messaged, please get back to me which you might want, so others can then choose. We will be home tomorrow night if anyone wants to come over to pick up. We do have deep purple acros, acropora nana garf, and a few birdsnest among other things. Bill
  5. To those that PM'd looking for the Aquarium City Red, I probably have six frags, prices ranging from $10 to $30 depending on the size. I'll check tomorrow and take a few pics when the lights are on and respond to PM's then.I do not have a great pic of the mother colony or small colony that shows color well. This is the small colony I will part with.
  6. I wish I could go, but doubt any of the weekends listed will work for me. I doubt you will have much luck in early to mid august, regular lobster season opens the sixth, eight days later many places will still be booked up.
  7. I have aquarium city red frags. This coral is nearly identical to red planet, Jeff D. actually added red planet just to see if they were identical. Eventually he was convinced they are different. I have a few decent frags available, and a large colony that has probably 35 branches, but that I will not let go cheap. If you are interested in either, message me. Bill
  8. looks like you roasted it in the oven
  9. Eric, Is pdexta buying the salt or is it still available? I'll take it if it is available. Bill
  10. I have one that I ran on my 120. Not sure of the brand name, but it was recommended by Boardroom Aquatics as the right size for a 120. It is a needle wheel skimmer. I replaced the pump with a Danner Mag 5 needle wheel which is about an $80 pump I think. I'll sell the skimmer with the pump for $40
  11. Eric, When a coral like a hammer loses most of its color, it can take months to come back. It sounds like it lost more color than where it is now and is on the rebound? If so it might just take longer. The other thing I would consider is the lighting. Assuming your new tank has different lighting, maybe where it is positioned in the tank is a bit too bright? Bill
  12. I did not get pics done in time so they will be shown at the auction. Putting a few shots up here so you have an idea what they look like 1) Pink Zoa frags 2)Rainbow Stylo Frags, these are very variable depending on light 3)Echinopora lamellosa frags, As you can see the top right one sure looks like Fire Lamellosa, the others Hollywood Stunner, but they are all the same. Only in low light do they seem to open big orange eyes. Big frags in auction 4) Tyree Blue Chalice colonies. Will be colonies in auction 5) Cabbage Leathers, 2 of these 4 in auction 6) large frag of stunner/fire lamellose, not in auction 7) Deep Purple acro, mother colony 8)Pink Zoas, under all blue light 9) Pink Zoas, mostly blue light 10) Aquarium City Red mother colony 11) Deep Purple Acro, normal lighting 12) Purple Polyp Birdnest, normal lighting 13) Deep purple acro, Aquarium City Red, under mostly blue light 14) Deep Purple Acro, mostly blue light 15) Purple Polyp Birdnest, mostly blue light 16) Rainbow stylo, auction size frags Let me know if you have any questions. Bill
  13. My whale shark encounter was in the Keys. A little baby one, only 15' long, in 2300' of water. It stayed around for 45 minutes, and let us swim with it. Quite an adventure. I have seen plenty of sharks in the Gulf, but not a Mako yet. I have seen GIANT Hammers, and caught a Tiger, along with many others. I hope those pictures show up on here.
  14. Joe I have never seen a Mako in the Gulf, but we had a big one under the boat for quite a while when fighting Mahi in the Keys. It was probably with us near 15 minutes. We were on a school of Mahi that held some good fish, and were using light tackle. He swam right up to the mahi we had hooked several times, but turned away every time. We thought about tempting a bite on the larger rods, but the fish was so magnificent, I was happy just watching it. I am sure that Mako in the video would have given me a big reaction if I was in the water with it.
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