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  1. Welcome Brad, we just need a bunch more from the area.
  2. it's not THAT far,for us(woops, sorry!) Maybe we will all get to meet one another. ANYWHO, see you guyz at Mote. DRIVE SAFE!! Pat and Sue
  3. IN REGARD to magnesium & strontium...how long after adding magnesium is it safe to add strontium?
  4. ok, so, what this all started about,but we managed to take a sharp left somewhere...MAGNESIUM and STRONTIUM....FEEDBACK please
  5. WOW!!I heard that...........Marco is buying lunch for everyone??
  6. MARCO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take back what I thought about YOU! (jk) MR.WISEBUTT, how about I bring one for you when we go to mote?? AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
  7. I really NOT in the habit of stepping on toes. And I do beleive in supporting your local stores. But, with the economy being as it is, everyone is careful about spending. NO, I'm not a tight wad, (that depends on who ya talk to). Like most, I live week to week, If I can save on an item,and apply that to another then I'm doing it. I learned my lesson on buying the cheaper one, that actually wasn't cheaper. (7.00 hydrometer, when i started in this hobby) And as for finding the SAME item lower somewhere else, I will post it up. PLEASE remember I don't mean to step on toes. SORRY for rambling on. I am saving to order a ro/di system from the same comp I have ordered before from. $150.00 incl ship, 110gal per day, 6 stage,dual output,(spigot for drinking water&line for aquarium)2.5gal stor tank and guage. only thing not included is a tds meter. If anyone is interested email me,and i'll give you the info.Thanks, Pat
  8. I am NOT liking you! (just kidding) Atleast I am not the only one that had this prob. Those urchins are cool as long as you don't have a problem growing coraline. I have about 140lbs of prem indo live rock. It was covered very nice, till i got that little B*@#!. You know this sucks when you explain to others about the hobby, and you (meaning myself)have the probs. ARRRGGGGHHH!
  9. hey, umm, not intending to piss anyone off, but what kind of discount are we talking here. I looked at their site and see many items alot lower priced elswhere. Just curious.
  10. started out as a small(size of a nickle)long spined urchin, 4 months, the size of a golf ball. Not including the spines. I got tired of trying to do maint. and getting stuck. Last time I started to get blood poison in my thumb.
  11. I had an urchin in the tank and it did a number on the coraline, needless to say he is no longer in it. I just want the color back. I am running 2-250w mh 14k, 2-t5ho 54w, 260w pc. 868watts total (think i need more??) (just kidding)mh on for 5hrs, others on for 8hrs. so, what cha think? Thanks, Pat
  12. Hey peeps! I am looking for feedback. I have been totally unable to show coraline algae growth. I purchased a test kit and found my [email protected] and my [email protected] I am using Brightwell Aquatics additives in an attept to fix this prob. Mind you, I am not big on additives,but I need to do somthing. I do a weekly 5gal water change. [email protected] ph8.2 calcium430 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Temp78deg uv sterilizer use only pro-salt. Worst part is I have been teaching a few people about the hobby, And they have growth, but not in mine. (now THAT is SAD) ANYWHO, any input?? Thanks, Pat
  13. hey, hey.....we are going too!! Pat(reefaddictinsrq) and Sue(scrubbybubbles)
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