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  1. When you use an aquarium CO2 reactor, you will not even see the bubbles in the water. The reason is that the gases have already dissolved in the water right inside the reactor. Aside from a couple of bubbles that make it out, the reactor dissolves 100% of the CO2. This means you will be getting your money’s worth on your CO2 tank.
  2. The suction holds well as a good grip & the motor is a workhorse—great flow as well, almost too much due to the size constraints of the 30C I have it in; using the sponge it came with was a baffle for the outflow & I replaced that with a polishing pad to catch teeny detritus. I have the ISTA aquarium reactor set to run at 30-minute intervals to save energy and allow shrimp to escape if they get caught inside.
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