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  1. Hey Jeff I have 0059470, 1 item. Can you tell me what it is? Hope it's good
  2. Feel free to fill me in any 11-1 slot!
  3. Guess ill be the last volunteer for the raffle pulling!
  4. Around 18 months. It's in good shape
  5. Tank is gone. Still have the sump and light
  6. I have a mag 7 for sell. Make an offer. I'll pm you my number. Text me for a faster reply
  7. Deep blue solar extreme t5 HO. Yes it's 36". Has the mounting legs. I'm asking $140 and its actually 4x39w for a total of 156watts Has 6 led moon lights
  8. Anybody looking for a center bottom drilled 40gal breeder? Also have a 40gal-ish sump that fits perfectly under it with 3 chambers. Mag 7 return pump. And 4x56w T5 fixture that has built in timers. Willing to part out. Have the iron stand too but it's rusted up. Make me some fair offers. I also have a solana MH dome fixture. 150w. New bulb.
  9. I'll have to check it tomorrow after 5 but its should be the standard 20gal long. I think 30x12x12
  10. Have a 20 gal long with a screen top meant for reptiles. $25
  11. Where is it drilled? You can text me the pics or post here. 720 412 1755
  12. And pick up my korali 1 Viet!!
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