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  1. 2. 9 polyps $15 3. 16 polyps $20 4. 5 polyps $15 7.13 polyps $20 8. 5 polyps $10 or would do all Frags left for $60
  2. frags Of 5 heads for $30 or $80 for colony. It has 15+ heads. 5+ inches across when open. 239-565-8684 Will W.
  3. Price drop. All Frags have added heads since the first post. List of polyps and prices per frag below. 1. 7 polyps (3 small ones on the back)$20 2. 9 polyps $15 3. 16 polyps $20 4. 5 polyps $15 5. 25 polyps $40 6.16 polyps $20 7.13 polyps $20 8. 5 polyps $10
  4. Here is an Indo Milli that has grown to have great colors. Started out just green and now has a yellow orange base. the first picture is of the main piece and the second video is of the frag. Frag is 2 inches. Third video is to show where it was cut. $35 239-565-8684 will W IMG_2406.MOV
  5. I have a few Frags of ASD Candy Apples and Emeralds on Fire. i got a frag of the Candy apples directly of Aqua SD 2 years ago. these were cut 3 weeks ago and already sprouting new heads. Will W 239-565-8684
  6. Twizzler 60+ Polyps: $70 Twizzler small Frags: 10 polyps for $25 ASD Golden eye Candy Apple Zoa: $70 Millipora: $25 Jedi mind trick montipora: $10 duncan coral (3 smaller heads on the back) $30 The video gives an overview of everything I am selling besides the Duncan but you can see the mother colony in the bottom of the video. the ASD Golden Eye Candy Apples were purchased from ASD and I can provide receipt if wanted. the Twizzler colony is covered all over. And can make other smaller Frags as well. I am in fort myers but will always meet people as well if it makes it easier for you. cell phone is 239-565-8684 IMG_1601.MOV IMG_1620.MOV
  7. Two Frags are left. The two bigger ones at the top of the picture.
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