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  1. Will cut Frags from these acros if you are interested. Just let me know what size you would like and I can frag them. 1. Ding dang Milli: small: $40 large: $60 2. Indo green table: small: $25 large: $40 3. Indo green milli: small: $25 Large $40 239-565-8684 will
  2. I have had this 2 spot candy hogfish for almost 3 years now. $40 will 239-565-8684
  3. The red ones are Superman Monti($20) and the green is a Jedi mind trick($15)
  4. Green Mili: $50 TGC Cherry Bomb: $65 Cornbred En Fuego: $50 239-565-8684 Will W.
  5. Frags from 5-20 dollars. Big size Monti Frags and the Acropora Frags are purple tip stags. The 2nd picture of the Acropora is to give an understanding of what the Frags will turn into. fort Myers 239-565-8684
  6. Hi there, right now I don’t have any emeralds on Fire but I do have a frag of ASD Candy Apples
  7. 7 has sold. 6. green stag 9. green stag mare still for sale. I would sell both together for $10
  8. 7 polyp:$50 3 polyp: $25 1 polyp: $10 fort myers 239-565-8684
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