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  1. I had ich in my 30gallon about 3 months ago and lost a couple fish due to it. I still have 5 fish left with corals in the 30gallon. I have not seen any signs of ich for 3months. The 90 gallon tank has been running for 2 months with 2 fish after the cycle. I was thinking about moving the corals to the 90gallon and then treating the fish that are left in the 30.What should I do to keep the ich out of the new tank? I do have a cheaper brand U.V. filter on the 90. Would it be safe to move the corals to the 90? Is there any way to treat the corals before moving to the 90? thank you in advance for your input.
  2. I’m looking at making a saltwater mixing station and auto water change in the garage and wanting to see if anyone has storage tanks or extra brute trash cans before I buy them from Home Depot. I’m want around 50gal and needing two of them. Or if you know somewhere that has them at a descent price. Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying your tanks. thank you
  3. That is an awesome tank!!! Hope it goes great and Caitlin wait to see it progress.
  4. Thank you I did remember something but just was not sure what all it was. It sounds like a great time
  5. I remember hearing about November 9th at the auction but did not write down what it was or where and when? Can someone help remind me what is going on and where, when? Thank you
  6. Cool I’ll give you a call when I’m on the way home and see if you are around. Thank you in advance
  7. Adolfo thanks for the offer and I truly appreciate it. I’m not sure exactly what time it would be so I don’t want you to mess up any plans with your family they are important. Frank would it be cool if I call you when we are leaving Orlando and maybe meet up with you on our way home? It would be this Sunday?
  8. I will be coming back from Orlando on Sunday and should be back in town around 4 or 5. Is that too late or what time would work for you? What would you like for it?
  9. I’m looking to get some chaeto for the sump maybe with some copepods to help seed my sump better.Let me know what you would like for it? Thank you
  10. I use Hanna checkers for DKH and calcium. Red Sea for mag test and have taken a sample to LFS and they said my mag was high at 1550. I have been trying to get it in balance. I have not set up the dosers yet do to the fact that the water is only using alkalinity. I get the DKH to 9.5 and calcium at 450-470 after a few days when I check the DKH it would be around 8.5 and calcium seems to go up around 480-490. Everything in the tank seems fine. Would is the best mag test kit. Thank you for your help with this
  11. Yea I just received a doser and BRS 2part system. I’m learning as going through this tank lol. Thank you all for the advice and hopefully when I get it running everything will be in balance and stable
  12. Sorry for the late response but my calcium is at 490 and mag is 1500 and DKH is 8.2 today. They seem like they are out of balance and not sure why calcium would go up lol.
  13. My tank has been running for about a month and a half and we have a few fish, bubble tip anemone and corals in there. We have zoas, and just added frogspawn and acans. They are all pretty small but my DKH keeps going down seems pretty fast to me for what is in the tank but not sure. I wanted to get someones opinion. I did a water change Saturday afternoon and the DKH that night was 9.1 and Tuesday afternoon the DKH is 8.3? Saturday night my calcium was 480 and mag was 1500. Is there something I should look at or is this ok?
  14. Thank you all. We like it here and we can start putting our home together now that the tank is running lol.
  15. Lol ok yes I love it down here.
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