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  1. Just looked it up and the BRS website has is listed as: "Note: Not effective against hair or other turf style algae. "
  2. Subject should have said: Seahair GHA eater
  3. Anyone out there have one that I can borrow or buy, my tank has a green hair alge out break lately an I'd like to borrow one and return when it's all over. Thanks
  4. Anyone have a torch frag they are looking to sell? Let me know Thanks
  5. Hello, Wanted refug grow light (Kessil HIP/H160) Or something similar, let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. Do you still sell? If so what do you have? Thanks
  7. Hello, Looking to buy Led lights something like the kessil 360we or so Hydra 26/52. If you have something else let me know. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the offer but I can't go any larger then 4 feet long.
  9. I'll take whatever your gonna trim and toss.
  10. Where you located and can I have some?
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