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  1. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/regal-150sss-6-space-saving-protein-skimmer-varios-reef-octopus.html New in box. $500 firm
  2. Complete system includes an Innovative marine TI hydrofill with a maxi jet 1200 pump with tubing and a custom acrylic 6 gal reservoir. Asking 150 for the entire system. Works great and is silent https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auqa-gadget-titanium-hydrofill-ato-controller-innovative-marine.html https://crystalreefaquatics.com/collections/stealth-ato-dosing-containers/products/stealth-skinny-ato text Aaron 412-651-3491
  3. https://www.marinedepot.com/aqua-medic-reefdoser-evo-4-dosing-pump Works great. Asking 75 obo text Aaron 412-651-3491 i also have a skimz 4 compartment dosing reservoir to go with it. Each compartment holds 1.5L. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/dlc4-quadruple-dosing-reservoir-skimz.html Asking 40 will sell both for 100 text Aaron 412-651-3491
  4. https://crystalreefaquatics.com/collections/red-sea-triton-replacement-sumps/products/red-sea-replacement-sump-rsrs-350-reef-sump Breaking down my tank. The sump was designed for a Red Sea reefer 350 but will work with any tank. It needs cleaned. I am moving and don’t have the tools/space/time to properly clean it. Asking 100 obo text or call Aaron 412-651-3491
  5. Skimmer is about 2 years old. It works perfectly. It needs cleaned. I’m in the process of moving and don’t have time/tools to properly soak it. Asking 200 please text or call Aaron at 412-651-3491 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/quantum-120-protein-skimmer-nyos.html
  6. Asking 80 obo. It’s about the size of a softball. Text me at 412-651-3491
  7. Most of the fish have been sold. There’s is still a six line and damsel that have proven very difficult to catch. I have about 40lbs Of Live Rock left. Two of the rocks have multiple red bubble tips and red zoa colony on it. Some of the other rocks have scattered zoas and mushrooms. There’s also two large leather corals left. Any reasonable offer considered i have a large softball sized bubble coral as well. Asking 100 for it
  8. I am building a house and will be moving in with my fiancé until the house is finished. Unfortunately this means I need to sell off the live stock in my tank since it will be 6+ months until I can set it back up. I will sell the equipment as well if the offer is right but I need to get the live stock out of the tank. I can always bring it in to fish store for credit but would prefer to just sell it off. I had a pretty strict quarantine setup and all of my fish I have had for a minimum of 1 year. Prefer to sell it in bulk please text me at 4126513491 for more info Fish: Sail fin tang Nassau Tang yellow tang foxface potter angel anthia damsel picasso clown Six line Basslet Various inverts 60-70 lbs of Carib sea life rock 7-8 red bubble tip anemones 2 large leather corals sea fan large rock covered in green star polyps large softball sized bubble coral various psoas and palys multiple mushrooms i don’t have fragging tools so please bring if you have or be prepared to take the rocks as part of it. pics below. text me at 4126513491
  9. Aaron

    PAR meter

    I was wondering if this club or any of the local stores in the area have a PAR meter for rental? I just purchased a Seneye but unfortunately I just learned it is not Mac compatible and I don't have a PC
  10. Still have to do cable management and get a dosing pump but it is coming along nicely. Does anyone have suggestions where I should look to start get some frags in the tank?
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