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  1. and my EcoTech /TUNZE and Reef Octo Control panel is just about completed as well! Ones both panels get installed you will not see a single wire since I am OCD like that
  2. I tested my new sump and filled it with water and I am good to go, no cracks or leaks now it's time to move on with my build! This weekend, I will was able to get it under the tank and started to mess around with some dry fitting on my plumbing and seeing how I am going to be running my 20'' External Overflow box which means I will be running 3 1.5inch drains off my new #ApexCOR20 RETURN PUMP and MY #VECTRA m1 for my manifold. Plus, I got my #Apex Electrical panel completed today as well. More Pictures to come!!
  3. Here some more pictures of my new #Synergy #CL-44 sump and a Synergy Matching 10 gallon ATO Resviuor.
  4. A great 15-minute video on Corals and the problem we are having with Coral Bleaching.
  5. Ok, Synergy had to make me another new sump since Fedex dropped it and cracked it on me, so here is it completed for my build.
  6. Many thanks!!! I have an update!! My Synergy CL-44 SUMP came in! Good news and bad news!!! Before I get into it, I just want to show you how gorgeous Synergy's work on sumps are and my 10-gallon matching ATO Container. The craftsmanship is out of this world w/ Superior quality! WOW. I could not have been happier after a 6 week build. You're not going to believe this, I had an unexpected emergency from FedEx with my sump which blows my mind since how well Synergy packaged up my sump. #FedEx really dropped the ball on my $1200.00 sump and ATO Container. Now, FedEx is a proud owner of a brand new cracked sump. lol I could not believe, I truly could NOT especially with all of the stickers that were all over the box! As soon as I found the stress cracks, I contacted Rick over at Synergy & immediately Rick called me and told him the quick story and then I sent him all of the pictures of the packaging and the box and where you can see where someone from FedEx dropped it. #Synergy stepped right up so I WANTED to share this b.c these are the kind of stories that you don't hear a lot about. After telling Synergy what all took place, Rick over at Synergy apologized and said every now and then this happens unfortunately which is totally understandable. After sending all the information to Rick over at Synergy, he said they will put mine front and have his team start on mine immediately. This time is only going to take 2 or 3 weeks for them to build it since when i ORDERED mine when Synergy had a few sumps they needed to make before mine so that is why it original took 6 wks. The normal delivery is 3-4 weeks. TALK ABOUT A COMPANY THAT STANDS BEHIND THERE PRODUCTS! Synergy immediate took care of the problem and now my new CL-44 Sump back in production.. Now, that's the kind of companies I like doing business with. Here are some pictures of the stress cracks due to shipping and handling..just my luck...lol YIKES oUCH More Update to come, FLSharkvictim
  7. I lowered my price now to $299.99 plus freight for a brand new still sealed in the original factory box GHL dosing pump.
  8. Care to share some pictures since I just bought 2 brand new MP40QWD's!
  9. I have up for sale a brand new Avast Marine ATO KIT up for sale. It comes with a 4 slot magnet, a Float Switch. It's brand new and never has been used since I wanted to go all apex so I have changed my mind. I paid $167.00 plus shipping a few months ago and I have it up for sale for $125.00 -plus shipping.
  10. Does anybody know where I can find my signature so I CAN ADD a link? SCA 150 build thread ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***
  11. Hello Reefers, I am somewhat new to this forum, since I have jump ship from Reef central! Anyways, I just tore down my old 120 mixed reef since I am making room for my new Customer Rimless SCA 150 build. It took me over 2 yrs to design this system and the display and all of the gear I choose to run it. It's finally time to move on the next part of this journey! Just a little back ground on me, I was born and raised in FL all of my life and grown up around the water all of my life since we only lived about 5 minutes from the beach. I am an Advanced Diver who has over 250 dives logged since I become certified in 1991. Ones I started diving ship wrecks & reefs down in the FL KEYS and around the world, I was instantly hooked and wanted an saltwater fish tank. We are talking around the early 90s, is when I had my first saltwater tank and every since then I haven't looked back. Here some photos of my tank I just took down that has been thriving for over 14 yrs. Please feel Free to flow along on my SCA 150 build thread below: ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build *** My 120 Mixed Reed @ 7yrs: Mixed reef @ 9YRS OLD: Frog & Octospawn Lps CORALS This Ultra Blue claim I got at #RAP in Orlando in 2017 which its something I wanted to keep and add into my new tank so my buddy has it at his LFS. Here is a shot of the new custom sump I had made at the time and how I plumbed it.
  12. I would like to quickly talk about the Protein Skimmer I choose to run my SCA 150 w/ a 40-gallon Synergy Sump! I have been at this a long time if you have read this thread and I have been through my share of skimmers in my time but the #ReefOcto REGAL Protein skimmer caught my eye especially since they took on a 3rd part pump called. I was trying to decide to go with either a Reef Octo Space saver or a Regal 150 INT Protein Skimmer and I went with the Regal 150 INT since I have plenty of room on my CL-44 synergy sump. I have plenty of room to run the skimmer pump on the outside of the skimmer vs inside of the skimmer. I just feel it's so much easier to do any maintenance on your VarioS DC pump... Anyways, here are some specs and pictures. BRS Recommended for tanks up to: Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 100 Gallons Medium Bioload - 150 Gallons Light Bioload - 210 gallons Reef Octopus In Sump 10" Protein Skimmer from Reef Octopus - with a controllable VarioS DC pumps to process more or less water, depending on your setup. Footprint - 11.4" x 7.5″ Height - 22.6″ Recommended Water Height: 6"-8" Regal 150 INT Protein Skimmer
  13. Good question! First, my CL- 44 will not have a refuge since I will be running a protein skimmer and a Turbo Algae scrubber. As far as the Panels, I am going to buy 2 of them! 1 for all of my new Apex gear and modules and the other panel will have all of my Ecotech Marine Vortechs and Vectra controllers, Reef Octo Controller and 2 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6055 controllers installed on the front of the panel. Plus, I am planning on hiding all of my power strips in the back, so everything will look nice and tight. Now the question why I sold all of my GHL gear, I had a family emergency and needed to come up with some quick cash, so I sold it in 30 minutes on ebay. I can tell you one thing, who ever was the buyer got one hell of a deal since I had a ton of extras that I tossed in. Anyways, back on my feet and decided that I wanted to go back to all Apex - No more then that... Thank you for following the thread ...Cant wait to see this sump!!! I talked to Rick from Synergy last weekend and he said that my Sump should be ready at the end of the month for the final stage of quality control. Mine will look like the one in the back. Pix of a CL-34 AND A CL-44
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