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  1. Water this weekend in DT, and qt started cycling 2 weeks ago. As for qt I'm going to run prazi, and copper if needed. Also thought about trying the ttm method.
  2. wall is framed, just need to finish mud and corner bead. Also did a 1st attempt with the scape, and I'm pretty happy I will make some minor tweeks, but overall I like the caves and over hangs.
  3. Here's some photos of the tank being delivered, and installed. Also had the pukani in the bleach bath (10 to 1 ratio) for around 2 weeks. I have the rock curing now and will upload some pics of that soon.
  4. Haven't updated in a while, construction on the house took longer then anticipated. Finally got the mini split installed and the utility sink. I also got the (2) 150 gallon mixing station up and running next I will be installing the ro system, and framing the wall around the tank. More pics to come.
  5. I did right when I got... Thanks for the heads up!!!
  6. Water storage containers from plastic mart (NSF Approved) -
  7. Main reason for abyzz is the 10 year warranty where the rd3 is only 2 years I believe. Yes I did order the skimmer from premium, and it took over a month to receive, so I assume it came from Germany.
  8. I got them from tap plastics for fairly cheap. I've also used 1/2" pvc in the past only difference is pvc limits overhangs.
  9. 1/2" diameter acrylic rods and BRS thick glue for aquascaping, and got the supplies in for the QT tank. The QT tank will be a 40g breeder. Oh and the only thing I love more then fish!!
  10. Best thing about AGE is they offer an install service for a couple hundred bucks they deliver and put the tank on the stand (100% insured)
  11. Got some plumbing supplies in, and the fuge lights. Torn between make a fuge with a 40 breeder or going crazy and using a rubbermaid 100g trough.
  12. We are adding an addition to our house, and the plans have been at the city for about 2 weeks now. As soon as we get permit AGE will begin fabrication, there eta is about 3 months. Where the tank will be located is not going under construction, but I am removing the floor due to the massive slope (because it used to be exterior pool space) and we will float it level in the mud bed and redo the tile. All in all i should have the stand in about a 2 months and the tank in about 4.
  13. Had some fun a couple weeks ago running 3 dedicated 20A breakers and a cat 6 to the "fish room"
  14. CAD drawings from A.G.E of the tank and stand. Two 1' returns and a 1' drilled for easy water changes.
  15. I thought about doing an acid bath somewhere around 20:1 ratio, but I just hate the fact that it removes the top layer of the rock itself. I think if i bleach it 10:1 for a week then let it cure for 2 1/2 months it should be more then enough. Plus I hate using acid, no matter how careful you are it's always sketchy!
  16. Going to bleach it this week and let cure for a couple months. Tank just got ordered so I've got 3 months to wait.
  17. set up a 40b for my first love (cichlids)
  18. Couple pics of the rock curing set up!
  19. Been in the hobby for a little while and looking to upgrade to a large tank that will be SPS dominant. Several years ago I started with a 40g breeder, then went to a 90 bow front, and recently tore down my 220 because I had to move, so now i'm taking advantage of the new house and the wife let me build a fish room.I've done a ton of research, and settled on A.G.E for the tank (84x36x24H). The tank with be 3 sides low iron, with 1" pvc bottom. I like higher stands, so they are building me a 40" high steel stand made by 2 x 2 x 1/4 inch thick walls. As for overflow I opted to go with a single 20" synergy reef overflow.As for sump i'm going with a custom Bashsea that will measure 72x24x20H (I always love running large sumps) I'm still debating on if I should just use a large rubbermaid trough or another tank for a fuge. I wont be happy unless its atleast 50 gallons.As for equipment -Skimmer - Bubble King Deluxe 250 (internal)Return Pump - Abyzz A200RO/DI - 6 stage BRS 150gphATO - Tunze OsmolatorController - Apex (with extra power bar)LED's - (4) Ecotech XR30 pro (maybe some T5's if on budget)Flow - (2) MP40's (2) Tunze steamsCalcium Reactor - Geo's CR624Carbon Reactor - TBD (probably Geo's or Bashsea)Mixing Station - (2) 75 Gallon containers from e-plastics and Pan World 50PX-XLive Rock - 250 lbs of pukaniI probably missed a couple things off the top of my head, but you get the idea
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