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  1. Looks like you did well also. Still getting the same error message saying the file size is larger than .419mb. I’ll keep trying though.
  2. I’d love to send a pic of the tank but the site will only allow me to upload .41mb. I guess the photos are too big to post? I was able to buy the following at the auction: Sunny D’s Zoa Rivordea Yuma Red Pinwheel Rock Flower Anemone Captain America Palys Utter Chaos Zoa Tubbs Blue Zoa Teal Trumpet Orange and Green Zoa I think I did pretty well considering I priced all the corals that I bought prior to the auction and feel like I did really good price-wise. How’d you do?
  3. Hey Bob, Tank is getting there. I bought some really nice corals at the Frag Auction last weekend and Im excited to see how they do. Ive currently got two Clowns in there now and a number of different corals that Ive picked up from Matt and Ron (thanks guys!!). I just added the last bit of live rock to the tank about two weeks ago, but cannot seem to shake this green algae problem that accumulates on my glass. I feel like I clean it every day or so and it just comes back. All of my parameters are spot-on too. I just recently dialed back my lighting in the tank from 12 hours to about 8. So Im hoping this helps. Any suggestions? On a side note. I bought a Hippo Tang about 3 weeks ago and it must've been eaten by one of my anemones cause it disappeared. I guess this can happen from time to time. My son wasn't that happy about it either. Im going to try a Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp next I think...
  4. Yes. For the most part. I’m still getting a little algae buildup on the glass that I typically clean off every 3rd day or so. I cleaned the tank really well on Saturday. Did a 25% water change and replaced the filter. Also added a baby Blue Tang to go with the clown pair that I already have. Oddly enough. The Bubble Tip hat I bought from Ron split the other day and now I’ve got two from that original one. Very interesting to watch. Lol. I’d lime to add one or two more smaller fish and some zoas. Any suggestions on the fish?
  5. Thanks guys. Ive been trying to do a little research on this and it seems like its par-for-the-course on a newly cycling tank. Im going to adjust my lighting schedule at night to try and combat the issue a little bit better as well. HE LOVED THE TANK!!! All the corals are doing great and the two clowns seem to be adjusting well. I can thank you both enough for all the input that you have given me and the wonderful corals that you had available to put in his tank. Ill update you guys as soon as things start to change a bit more in the tank. Thanks again and Happy New Year....
  6. I think I might have a Green Algae problem in my new BioCube32. I have been checking my water parameters every other day and all seems within normal range. I've recently introduced some new corals and a pair Clowns to the tank within he last week. Cant seem to get rid of it on the glass and it's starting to grow on my LiveRock...any suggestions would be a big help!! Thanks Jon
  7. Good Morning Nottarts23. Can you text me some pictures and prices of what your selling? I'd be interested to see what you have for my Biocube32 build that I'm working on for my son. 239-465-9924. Thanks Jon
  8. Thank George. Ill be doing the majority of the "heavy lifting" until he is old enough to start taking on some of the tasks himself. I will say that it is a very fun and rewarding hobby thus far. And we all are starting to enjoy it a lot.
  9. Good Morning Ron, I would be very interested to see what you have in person. Let me know your availability in the evenings or weekends and Ill make the trip up from Naples!! Regards, Jon
  10. Are you listing anything for sale on Craigslist currently so that I could see what you have? Or maybe text me some pictures when you have a moment 239-465-9924.
  11. Awesome. Thanks Ron. Also, if you are still interested in selling any of your Frags let me know...
  12. Thanks again for all of the insight guys/gals. I cant tell you how intrigued I was just to watch the cleaner crew go-to-town last night in the tank. Would any of you recommend any form of additional filtering besides the Carbon Filter that comes with the BioCube? I already have the Protein Skimmer and UV Filter up and running with the tank... Possibly Dry/Live Rock Rubble....Suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the warm welcomes FishinBob and Adolfo. It's the newer LED version I picked up from Saltwater Solutions on Black Friday. Couldn't pass up the sale they had.
  14. Thanks Nottarts. Let me know if the picture came through. As mentioned in my previous post, I still need to add some more Live Rock. I'm located in Naples and have ZERO saltwater experience. But I think that's half the fun. I like to learn new things that I can become familiar with and share my experiences with my son...Even if he is only 2. Jon
  15. I appreciate it. Just picked up a cleaner crew and drip acclimator. I think I may hold off on the fish and coral until closer to Christmas since most of that will be on sale locally...I need to add another 20 or so lbs of live rock; which my local fish store should have a large shipment in tomorrow they say....Thanks again for the advice.
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