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  1. Anyone have a PAR meter in Naples?
  2. Man those were so super nice bounce mushrooms
  3. Have WWC AOI, WWC Twizzlers,GB Bk's and a few jf beach bum and CB Flaming Phoniex frags looking to trade if possible
  4. Here's a glimpse of what I'm currently caring for. Mr.Aqua 3g pico reef mainly filled with incoming frags and trimming for my other systems. BioCube 29 my original reef tank currently serving as a display/display tank IM 10g filled with a few Z&Ps
  5. Thanks yea currently collecting as many z&ps as possible .. until an upgrade sadly the xenia is no more it was wiped by Irma. Thanks 😄
  6. Top down view of my Z&P Nuvo 10g
  7. It's good to be here Adolfo
  8. The view is just killer when the flow slows down,the pulsing seems to increase tenfolds.Thanks it's good to know since I'm always seeking out more knowledge.I do have a Pygmy Angel,Blue Chromis,Scooter Blenny, and 3 Pj Cardinals.they kinda get lost in the Xenia Garden ever so often. It's good to be here and looking forward to sharing more of it.
  9. I'll post a couple more pics later.Hope to hear back from you guys.
  10. Here's a shoot of my 20L Xenia Garden
  11. Hello, Just joined this forum about 10 minutes ago and wanted to introduce myself.So here's a little background history, I've been keeping Freshwater aquariums since early 2010 I was still Middle School back then and didn't have much of a budget so what mostly kept were guppies,tetras, and other common freshwater fish. Fast forward a couple years to a day that I'm with one of my cousins getting saltwater for his 150G reef at a LFS, you know how it goes from there I was completely blown away by the diversity of life living within the display tanks and from that moment it progressively took hold.So as any normal High Schooler would do I spent a couple dozen hours a week in the computer lab reading through the forums and tank of the articles.Finally after doing this until spring of 2014 I bite the bullet and set up my first Marine Aquarium,a BioCube 29.Since then I've modified it and extent that would be considered above average.Along the way I've set up two older tank and recently a Mr.Aqua 3g.
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