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  1. Beautiful display it's really cool that you have pairs of both the flames angels and royal gramma.I currently planning to have a royal gramma group, mostly likely going with captive bred.If you can shoot me some pics of your acropora they look good.
  2. No sure how many peeps are still active here but I would like to see everyones display tanks.
  3. I won't be able to make it could I buy some now?Send me some pictures if possible.Also do you still have that purple photosynthetic plating sponge?
  4. Looking for photosynthetic gorgs if possible send me pics with prices.
  5. Anyone have a PAR meter in Naples?
  6. Man those were so super nice bounce mushrooms
  7. Have WWC AOI, WWC Twizzlers,GB Bk's and a few jf beach bum and CB Flaming Phoniex frags looking to trade if possible
  8. Here's a glimpse of what I'm currently caring for. Mr.Aqua 3g pico reef mainly filled with incoming frags and trimming for my other systems. BioCube 29 my original reef tank currently serving as a display/display tank IM 10g filled with a few Z&Ps
  9. Thanks yea currently collecting as many z&ps as possible .. until an upgrade sadly the xenia is no more it was wiped by Irma. Thanks 😄
  10. Top down view of my Z&P Nuvo 10g
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