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  1. Are you available to help a novice- intermediate salt-tanker (with failed hip replacement) set up the system properly? I have a continuous / Never ending interest in this pastime, and a daughter actively considering tropical biology and Marine Biology as her college major and career. Thanks for any ideas or assistance.. Matt Txt 941 417 0458 Ph: 239 218 3142 Email: [email protected]
  2. Check out this - & these slugs are supposed to be an "animal fix" http://www.reeftown.com Good luck! Post your outcomes Thx, Matt
  3. Awesome animals - I really want to set up systems that will be prolific for BTAs and although we'd love to take some we're just getting ready for water right now... any tips? I am considering an RO setup for our water, although one local shop owner said he started all of his tanks with local water that he then maintained with additions and changes from RO. I also have experience with distilled water although at this point RO seems like the simpler setup. We have Harbor Heights/ Port Charlotte water- sure it's aquifer and not heavily treated... I want to start with the best water first. - if there's a way to set up a tank quickly and do BTAs Justice I would try it it just didn't seem like the right approach. Although I questioned buying premix/ bottled water from a local shop and live substrate and Rock?? Thanks, Matt Email: [email protected] Txt: 941-417-0458 Home: 239-218-3142
  4. Is this equipment still available? We moved and are ready to start our tanks cycling again. - interested in adding these.. Matt Txt: 941-417-0458 Home: 239-218-3142 Email: [email protected]
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