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  1. (I am located in Pt Charlotte...) Arctica Titanium Chiller 1/5 HP for sale. $550 Firm. This Chiller is in like brand new condition Keeps within 1 degree of setting...Used for only 3 weeks before I decided to get out of the hobby. Paid $700 Best way to reach me is my Cell 508-446-7977 Bob.
  2. Beautiful Yasha Goby And Pistol Shrimp Pair. $25 Goby Is shy and will do best if kept with other small fish.... Both very healthy.
  3. Getting out of the Reef Hobby... Take all the corals I Have left for $75 Best way to reach me is my Cell (508-446-7977) If I do not answer Please leave a message Thanks Bob Zoas Gods of War Pink Everlasting Gobstoppers Blondies Golden Eye Blue Lagoon's Yellow Sunny Dees SPS Seasons Greetings Monti Wild Thing Cyphastrea
  4. Leaving the Salt Water hobby. Only a few fish left and would like to know they are thriving in a new system. Would like to see them in at least a 40 gallon or larger system as they were raised in a 100 gal tank. Best way to reach me is my cell. 508-446-7977 (If I do not answer, please leave a message) Bob
  5. Just got your message... Yes the Goby is still available. If your still interested you can have both the Goby and Pistol Shrimp for $20 Best way to reach me is my cell 508-446-7977 Thanks Bob
  6. All equipment is in Like new condition. I have all receipts and original packaging. Custom 100 Gal Tank Bought from Glass Cages (48" L x 24" W 20" H) With Synergy Reef 16" Shadow overflow and 3 Gate Valves $550 Firm Tank Has only been set up for 10 months. back pane is painted Black and has 0 scratches. ATI 48" 6 Bulb Dimmable LIGHT Fixture. Has 2 channels with 10 programs per channel.... Channel 1 controls 2 Bulbs, Channel 2 controls 4 Bulbs. Comes with 2 ATI 54 wt T5 Coral Plus Bulbs, 2 ATI 54 wt Blue Coral Plus Bulbs, and 2 ATI 54 wt Purple plus Bulbs $550 Firm JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller - 1/5 HP $525 Firm Keeps within 1 degree (Bought on 5/22/18) only used for 3 weeks and decided to breakdown tank. Trigger 36" Crystal Sump $200 Reef Octopus Classic 152 S Protein Skimmer $200 Sicce Syncra silent Pump 4.0 (951 GPH) $100 2 - Tunze 6055 Controllable Turbelle Nanostream (250 - 1450 GPH) $120 ea Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED Light with gooseneck mount $90 BRS Refractometer W/ Calibration fluid $20 Figi Rock approx 80 lbs $80 Still have some Zoas a couple SPS and Few fish. All Corals bought from WWC Fish Yasha Goby and Pistol shrimp pair $25 Ocellaris Clowns the pair for $12 Zoas Gods Of War 6 polyps for $40 Pink Everlasting Gobstoppers 10 Polyps $40 Blue Lagoon 10 Polyps $30 Blondies Golden Eyes 25 + Polyps $45 Yellow Sunny Dees 10 Polyps $30 Emeralds on Fire 3 small Polyps $5 Or all for $125 SPS Seasons Greetings Monti $20 Wild thing Cyphastrea $20 Or both for $30
  7. Thank you all for your interest and patients, I will be listing all items separate by monday Aug 20th Bob
  8. Thanks John and Adolfo. So far I have Sold ...The Wrasse, Coral Beauty, Anemone, All Snails and Hermits. I have also sold The Star Polyps, Both Ricordias, and all three Deadpool Shrooms. Still For sale... Yasha shrimp goby and Pistol shrimp $25 for the pair. 2 Ocellaris Clowns $12 for the pair. Zoas All for $125 or Gods of War 6 polyps $45 Pink Everlasting Gobstoppers 10 polyps $40 Blue Lagoon 10 polyps $30 Blondies Golden Eye's 25 plus polyps $45 Emeralds on fire 3 small polyps $5 SPS Wild Thing Cyphastrea $20 Season's Greetings Montipora $20 I will be listing Tank and all accessary's By monday Aug 20th. Thank you every one for all the interest. Bob
  9. Hi John, Sorry i'm just getting back to you. I am new to this forum and still getting used to the different ways i'm being contacted. I usually get an email when someone is interested in this post. I have been contacted about the Coral Beauty and crabs already but is not a done deal yet. If you are still interested in the Anemone, and star polyps you can have them both for $18. I will do my best and get an approx count on the snails tonight and give you a price. I am located in Pt Charlotte and the quickest way to reach me is on my cell any time after 1 pm. 508-446-7977 If the deal falls through on the Coral Beauty and Hermits I will let you know and give you a price for those also. Thanks. Bob
  10. Last buyer was a no show. PLEASE Serious only. I'm Located In PT Charlotte Thanks for your interest. Bob Fish Yasha Shrimp Goby $20 Red banded Pistol Shrimp 2 @ $10 ea or both for $15 Ruby High Finned Fairy Wrasse $25 Coral Beauty $20 Ocellaris Clowns Pair $12 Misc Hermits $1 ea (if you take them all I will do better on price) Misc snails .50 Zoas Gods Of War approx 4 or 5 Polyps $40 Pink everlasting Gobstoppers approx 12 to 15 polyps $45 Blue Lagoon 10 - 14 polyps $30 Blondies Golden Eye 25+ polyps $45 Yellow Sunny Dees 10-14 Polyps $30 Emeralds On Fire 3 small Polyps $10 Green Star polyps $10 ea. Sm colony SPS Seasons Greetings Montipora $20 Wildthing Cyphastrea $30 WWC Deadpool Mushroom all 3 for $45 Ricordias $12 ea or both for $20
  11. Hi Adoolfo, Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Been getting slammed with messages. So far the Hermits, Snails, and Yasha are spoken for as well as the Zoas. If the deal falls through you are next in line for the other livestock your interested in. If you are still interested in the Wrasse. Please let me know ASAP. Trying to sell first come first serve. and It's a little difficult with so much interest. Best way to reach me is by cell... 508-446-7977 Thanks. Bob
  12. Hi Adolfo, Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I have some Banded Trochus, Astrea, Nassarius and a couple other types. not sure of all the names.
  13. CUSTOME 100 gal tank from glass cages. 48" L /24" W /20" Tall with 16" Synergy Reef overflow, and all plumbing. ATI 48" 6 bulb DIMMABLE Sunpower Fixture with 2 ATI 54 Wt white coral plus, 2 ATI Purple plus, and 2 ATI Blue plus bulbs. 36" Trigger Crystal sump only 6 months old. Reef Octopus Classic 152s Protein skimmer. Sicce Syncra silent 4.0 (951 GPH Pump) 2- Controllable Tunze nanostream wave makers (250-1450 GPH) Arctica Titanium Chiller - 1/5 HP only 8 weeks old still making payments. Kessil H80 Tuna Flora Refugium LED light with gooseneck mount only 6 months old. Approx 100 + pounds of live Rock Approx 90 lbs Carib Sea special grade aragonite I have well over $4,000.00 invested for these items with receipts to show. I would like to sell as a complete set up for $2,775.00 Save over $1,225.00 for a reef set up that's in like new condition. IF no interest in a week or so I will sell items separate with prices. Need to sell livestock before breakdown!!! ( FISH) 1 - Coral Beauty $20 2 - Ocellaris Clowns $15 for the pair 1 - Ruby high finned Fairy Wrasse $25 1 - Red Yasha shrimp Golby $20 ( INVERTS ) 1 - maybe - 2 Red Banded Pistol shrimp $10 Misc. snails 50 cents ea Misc. Crabs. one dollar ea (Corals) I do not have many corals. Just some ZOAS, Shrooms, and a couple of SPS. will try to list names and prices when I have a little more time. For now see pics.
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