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  1. Photon v2 42" perfect working condition currently in my display tank sps dominant 125 gals 7' long The reason for the sale is to put 3 lights for better light spread Price $550
  2. I'm working out town from Monday to Thursday
  3. Have these wild acro mini colonie for trade if interested
  4. For sale or trade looking for acros all for $120 obo Money Key Zoas with rock $20 Zoas in a frag don't remember the name $40 Rastas 40 + polyps $80
  5. Looking for any size and shape to add it n my tank Thanks
  6. Adolfo

    Par meter

    Any one has a par meter ? lmk Thanks
  7. Looking for advice in one of those apps for my android Thanks in advance
  8. From a club member long time ago
  9. Looking for acros millies diggies
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