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  1. hi, i wont be at the meeting in october, but thank you. if i am going to be in the area, i can reach out before hand to see if meeting might be possible?
  2. Anyone have some to sell? i am located in Bradenton/Sarasota area but get down to ft myers every once in a while.
  3. sorry, thought i pulled the right link...its a deal website where people post deals/coupons/etc....stay away from it, unless you like buying a bunch of stuff you dont need
  4. Found this deal today, great price! Reef Crystals 200g box of salt mix - $39.94 free shipping plus free $5 gift card https://www.drsfostersmith.com/pr...catid=4856 Drsfostersmith.com has the 200 gallon box on sale for $46.99 and there is a 15% off coupon (BONUS15) that brings the price down to $39.94. Free shipping, tax where applicable. eligible for the $5 free gift card too.
  5. looking to stock a new tank with LPS, would like to get the following: - frogspawn -torch -hammer -candy cane -trumpet -brains -duncans Also, since i started with some very long cured LR, the tank is pretty bare as far as critters go. would love if someone had some of those small brittle stars that live in the LR, and any other good stuff like that shoot me a PM with what you might have and size. THanks! I can pay cash or i also have a lot of extra LR for trade too.
  6. chlorine is a lot easier to remove anyway. the biggest change is you will probably get some chlorine smell. this is standard process for water treament plants that use chloramine all year. Gotta burn off those bacteria once a year or so with chlorine and then back to chloramine.
  7. I posted this on RC earlier thought i would share: I bought a used 120g tank from a guy on craigslist about a month ago. tank was pretty lightly stocked with just a pair of clowns and a small tang. I took about 30 gallons of the water back with me to setup a 20g tank to keep them in while getting the 120 ready. They guy didnt do maintenance on his tank, just horrible. Bottom of the stand on on top of the glass lids on tank was probably 1 to 2" of salt creep. crazy. i knew nitrates would be high, and i happened to test after my first 50% water change. as soon as i put the last drops in for nitrates would immediately turn dark purple. I have done of ton of 50% and 25% water changes over the past month. Last night, i finally was able to get an actual ready on nitrates as it was finally in range! so i back calculated all the water changes i did to figure out how much nitrate was in the water when i rescued these fish. and i do mean rescue. The result, approx 1400-1800ppm!!! amazing these fish were alive. needless to say, colors are much better now. and my nitrates are still around 50ppm even with 7 water changes, most of which were 50%
  8. i would reach out to Tampa Bay Saltwater and make the drive up there on saturday if you can to bring back.
  9. anyone have a 40 gallon breeder laying around? dont care about scratches, its for a sump.
  10. setting up my tank and i had bought this pump, but will not have room in my sump for an external pump. The previous owner bought it 9 months ago he said, from a fish store, but i have no way to know for sure, and it was covered in salt creep when i got it. cleaned it up a little, it runs really nice and quiet. i pulled the impeller and it looks good too, see pics. external shows some surface rust and peeling paint, could def use a quick sanding and painting. Asking $100. Im in sarasota/bradenton. feel free to shoot me an offer. interested in trades as well, still need some powerheads, salt, carbon, sand, etc
  11. Still avail? willing to ship up to Sarasota?
  12. i see quite a few available on craigslist, not sure how far you would go for them, but quite a few around. 250 gallons seems to be pretty common
  13. Any interest, need to get this thing moved out. if you plugged the bottom you could always use this as a large off line sump, water storage tank, etc.
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