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  1. I used to live in Apollo Beach and moved my 150 gallon reef tank to Bradenton.  I had a pink spotted shrimp goby that had been missing a month.  Figured that was that.  I moved all the water, live rock, sand, corals, and fish on the first trip. Had to come back for stand, tank, canopy, and sump for the second trip. Did the 1 hour trip unloaded my pick up went rift back. So say roughly 2 hours between coming and going.  Brought my brother to help this time.  Did the canopy and tank looked down on the filter pad in the sump and the goby was right there.  He must have been living in the overflow and went for a ride down the hose when I drained the tank.  I was bummed until I touched him and he moved.  Was really freak'n out at this point no saltwater to put him in. Drained it all.   Than my brother pointed I still had my bio cube there.  Kind of moved him around oxygen thru his gills. Came back fast and went to the bottom upright and fine. He lived for another 7 years.  There must have been just enough moisture in the filter pad or a little trapped water to live.   He was bulletproof but old age caught up.  Very cool fish.

  2. Was sold to me a while ago as Super Tongan Nassarius snails.  Just wanted to make they weren't predatory.  I haven't had any sand burrowing fish until recently.  A yellow coris wrasse seemed happy and healthy next morning snails all over it.  Not sure if they were acting as cleaning crew or predators. 


    Just trying to rule out a possibility.







  3. It' s about 5-6" long. Was housed in a 150 gallon reef tank for 6 years. Would move corals if it was in his way. Never harmed cleaning crew or destroyed any corals.  Beautiful fish with long streamers on the tail. It was housed with a yellow tang, Royal gramma, six line wrasse, banghaii Cardinal, chromis, and ocellaris.  Very peaceful to existing fish but, new fish added like mainly under an inch would decide if it's food or not. Anything of size that was new it would give way. 

    Would like see him go to a larger tank.

  4. Like the title says just looking for something to put over 48" 120 gallon tank. I know I get somethjng online for $100!or so but figured I check to see if anyone is looking to make a few bucks from one just sitting around.



    I have a current USA led. Used it for about 1 year. Didn't work with corals but should work with fish only.


    48-60 inch. I had it n a 150 gallon.




    I also have two 48" power compacts. Coralife. 265 watts for each.. Started my tank with these. Went to the orbit LEDs. Than back to the power compacts. Now I am using reef breeders photon led. Any interest let me know.



  5. I had purchased this years ago through reefgardener. It should be greenish but only see that when polyps retract. Always wondered how it would do under better light.

    Asking $45.00 for it.

    I will break it and a piece of the rock it is attached to off, so I do not not tear the base.



    Awesome looking toadstool. Approx. what size is it?

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