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  1. Hey Honey...You never checked with me on the dish! by the looks of it me bringing buffalo chicken dip and chips is OUT of the question! I'll keep an eye out, and play clean up with Jeff....we'll bring something.
  2. I've contacted Jack Kent about the possibility of making a product that would suite us for our specific need, or a product he currently makes that would work. I'm hoping to speak with him today and get him a little more information on the process and what we're doing/looking for.
  3. We have our own line of liquid products, spraying live kelp, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, micro nutrient mixtures, to name a few. all organic, we are going from tap to holding container (usually on the back of maintenace style golf carts/gators) they are being sprayed with in the hour of being mixed. ' They usually have two on site, fill one while spraying with the other, or fill & spray, fill & spray. It is all a lot of stuff that we use and also would never want in or near our tanks, which leads me to trying to find, what products people use to dechlorinate the water they're putting into their tanks, other than using a RODI system that both can take too long with too much waste to make the amounts of water that the clients are looking for, and too costly with the amount of initial expense and upkeep.
  4. Quick question out there for those of you with out RODI's, or who have freshwater systems or just plain knowledge of water dechlorination. I deal a lot in fertilizers and chemicals that go onto Golf courses. A lot of what we use is active/live treatments of varius algae'/micro organisims and chemicals. After some research being done, its come to light that the chlorine in our city water could be killing off the majority of what is meant to be used as a live spray treatment, and I've been tasked to find a suitable solution. What products - liquid or tablets do you recommend to de-chlorinate the water quickly. I'm talking 150-300 gallons at a time a couple times a day.
  5. So glad this colony is still around, local and in a members tank...and happy to have a piece back in mine!
  6. We finally got some critters for the tank this week. We've been so busy I forgot to post. Three weeks ago we bought a test fish, sadly it died within hours. Tank had ammonia. Next weekend Marco and kids brought home a purple fire fish, and its quite happy in the tank. So I ordered some crabs, snails, Emerald Crab, Green/White serpent star (haven't seen to get a picture of it), yellow headed jawfish. We've got a couple small pieces of Candy Cane coral in the tank to test, and a small peice of Zoa, and leather. Everything's been happy so far and lived through the house being 100* for a couple days while we dealt with a roof leak drying out. We sold the LED light as we weren't happy with the color output and knew it was a temporary fixture to test and cycle, and are now searching for another before we add more corals. Give me time to add some livestock I guess. Hoping to get a Blood Shrimp this weekend, and maybe a few critters for the sumps.
  7. Once, the tank is ready, it plans to home a green/white Harlequin starfish, set of Black & white Clowns, a yellow head jaw fish, two purple fire fish, maybe a small wrasse, pistol shrimp, Blood shrimp, basic crabs/snails, after tank is fully established I'd love to have another Mandarin. Eventually a clam. As far as corals go, I'll be very specific as to what I put in. Personally, I'm looking for a frag of my purple zoa's I had in my last solana (hopefully someone local still has a frag of them). My mom housed a ton of stuff from our last tanks, and plant to get her tank ready for us to go harvest corals. One of our colonies of duncans i plan on bringing home along with a nice piece of stag, some blasto's, incredible hulk mushroom, monti cap, maybe some digi. It will be a nice mix. And Yes, Marco has NO say as to what goes IN the tank. =) Love you hon! He got to pick stand, tank, rock, equipment and set up. I get to decorate and make pretty.
  8. Wished I could be taking my family trick or treating instead of having to go to the hospital for a feeding!

  9. My ankles are dressing up as pumpkins for Halloween!

  10. Matt Call Marco, he's away from his computer for a bit.239-344-9140239-410-2983Thanks
  11. Everything is available still. We are in South Fort Myers, close to Alico Road. If you are interested in something particular let us know and I'll have Marco sign on in a little bit.
  12. At this point we have everything left, its on a first come first serve basis...Marco had a little emergency this afternoon and is sort of out of it at the moment...you can call again and I'll grab the phone for him or try in the morning. We're usually up until at least 10 so feel free to call till then.Cristina
  13. I'm sorry you lost your clam, they are my favorite resident of my tank. I still have some extra's if your interested in a new one. LMK. I've got three tucked into Marco's tank, willing to get rid of at least two at this time.
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