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  1. Marco, I'm sorry to hear that, but I completely understand. As you recall, I just did the same thing. It may have been for different reasons, & definitely not as hard to do, but still sux just the same. I do know I will set up a bigger better aquarium one day, but right now it is just not the thing for me to do...Take care,Skip
  2. Ya, So I've been on here looking at equipment and stuff. Don't think for a second that means I miss my tank, or anything like that!.. :)/>/>
  3. Thanks guys, i appreciate it
  4. Hey all, i have not been to the site in a while. I just thought i'd stop by, and tell everyone. I sold everything! & i must say i'm really bumming!! i dont know how long i can go without a tank, but i'm sure i'll be on here in a few weeks looking for aquarium stuff....lol anyhow, id also like to say thanks to everyone who helped me build and stock my last tank. Marco...Tim...Chris...ect..ect...ect..See ya,Skip
  5. So, did it fry it? anyhow, if it still works im interested....lol
  6. HUMM, i see a possible car pool situation....
  7. I'll be there, i dont know how many others i'll bring, but it will be me, and at least 1 other
  8. Tim, after re-calculating my stand the way i constructed it, a 29 gallon sump will not fit under it so, i will have too pass on that one, and make one out of a 10 gallon,or use the canister filter i have...sorry,SkipBtw, lights are working perfectly...
  9. Tim, i'll take that sump, if u still have it. I decided to finish setting up the 29 we talked about, that would make a nice refugium/filterThanks, Skip
  10. Tim,Corals are doing just fine....I have all the materials for the canopy. I will build it sometime this week(hopefully)Thanks again, Skip
  11. Well, depends on the size of lion you got. Although, this clown is the biggest cinnamon/tomato i have ever seen, i'm guessing 5" to 6" awesome fish, she just dont like my other clown too much...I'd really rather trade for something than sell...anything youd trade?Thanks,Skip
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