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  1. Would you be willing to sell any acro frags?
  2. Looking for a 1/10 - 1/4hp chiller
  3. Would you happen to have a chiller to get rid of?
  4. How much for the one you have left? What size?
  5. How much for rock? Need about 40lbs. When would be a good time? edit: saw price was listed above, sorry.
  6. Do you have a picture of the sump and price?
  7. Have a 1/4hp coral life chiller for $150 obo. A bubble magus 3 channel doser with shelf and tube holder, 3 seaside aquatics containers, one has a broken pick up. $150 obo. Having trouble uploading all the pics if interested pm and I can text them.
  8. $800 for all livestock and rock, will make a video of all livestock, I know off the bat that I am forgetting a large unknown acan and a large blasto
  9. Will sell all livestock and rock in one, need to shut down tank.
  10. Tank is up and running now, healthy and currently a mixed reef. Asking $2500 obo for everything, WILL NOT SEPARATE! Do not have time to sell individually or continue to take care of. Moving, willing to accept reasonable offers. Everything is less than a year old. -80 gallon Deep Blue rimless non drilled -Custom built stand for tank -Aquamaxx CO-1 skimmer 2 months old if that -3 AI-Primes HD with flexible arms or hanging kits -Eshopps overflow -Eshopps sump with refugium 30 gallons -Smart ATO -100gpd AquaFX barracuda -About 180 gallons of Red Sea coral pro salt (had the 175 bucket that was almost gone, reordered and got stuck with the 200lb commercial bag so made about 15-20gallons and transferred all into bag from bucket, sealed tightly) -2 rio return pumps one 1400 and other is either 2100 or 2500 -3 channel bubble magus doser -3 seaside aquatics doing containers -Brand new 2 part BRS dosing kit, never opened comes with two pumps and all mixes and mixing containers. - Eheim Jager 300W heater -Kh and P04 Hanna checkers bought last week - Salifert nitrate bought last week -Red Sea reef pro kit, just bought Kh and Ca refills last week -Refractometer -XF 150 gyre -(2) Jebao PP-4 Livestock - About 60lbs live rock, clean and healthy haven't seen any aiptasia, mix between fancy branch and other types, one large piece full of zoas. Other large piece has large scroll coral. - Various zoas some named some can't remember(purple hornets, red hornets, pinwheels, tubbs blue, I know I'm missing others) - (1) 2 head hammer - (1) 10-12 head hammer haven't counted recently - (1) 2 head frogspawn in process of splitting - Jason fox Lepto jack o lantern -Red montipora cap with a smaller frag I cut -X factor montipora -Large Jedi mind trick with some smaller frag I cut -Large piece of Sinularia on rock and another on a frag plug -One warcoral with atleast 6 eyes, another that's on frag rack -One blue chalice with 4 pink mouths. -Rainbow Acan, bought as single head has 4 babies pretty well developed - Very large green scroll coral - WWC somewhere over the rainbow frag little over an inch, has lost some color since being moved around -WWC yellow tip acro -One well grown red digitata with another frag -Pink birds nest -About 6-8 more SPS frags I'm forgetting -Pocillapora with another on frag rack -Interstellar mushroom I think, it has 2 babies - Yellow tang - Yellow watchman goby - Serpent star I know there's other livestock and accessories I'm forgetting
  11. Sorry Jon I haven't been on here lately, it had sold a couple days ago should have posted on here that it was sold
  12. Finally found the original box with the spare set of rotors and bag of extra parts. $150 obo, would be open to trading for some sps.
  13. Here's a picture, could be setup and put in your tank today.
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