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  1. Talked to Chris. He is also riding with me. So I now have room for 1 more
  2. Our January meeting will be Saturday, January 25 at 11 am. This is a field trip to Boyd Enterprises in Fort Lauderdale. Tour starts at 11 am, so plan your drive accordingly. Car pool options can be discussed in this thread. Lunch will be provided as part of this tour, so please RSVP no later than 8 pm on Wednesday. That way I can let them know on Thursday how many people to expect so they can make lunch arrangements. RSVP in this thread as well. Address is: 3510 NW 53rd Street,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Chemi-pure, Reef Aquaria Design, Jellyfish Art, and Deltec USA will be hosting our next SWFMAS Field Trip at their new 24,000 sq. ft. facility that now houses the production facilities for 3 of their companies. Jeff Turner CEO will be giving us an in-depth look at his new facility, the MASSIVE 1600 Gallon Display Reef, new coral grow out area, full Deltec USA line on display and a sneak peek at the jellyfish aquaculture lab. After the tour, we will have lunch and start the Maldives & Indonesia Coral Reef Diving and Coral presentation by Jeff and Joleen Turner.- As an added bonus for attendees, every member who attends will get a free Chemi-pure 11 or 5.5 oz. unit! - Jeff has spent almost the entirety of his life fully immersed in the aquarium industry. From working as an aquarium service technician as part of his father’s aquarium shop to operating one of the first commercial live rock collection and wholesale companies, to starting the first commercially successful marine ornamental aquaculture facility (ORA), to owning and operating several aquarium related companies, Jeff has truly seen it all. Despite all of his successes, his heart remains with custom aquarium systems. It’s how he was first able to stand out in a crowded industry, and the decades of experience and expertise are on full display in every Reef Aquaria Design project. RSVP list: jdhuyvetter zyphen charlie0101 djchristyle01 RickO Cindy & Richard Will W Corduroy & Amy BBouch & Cindy Car Pool locations: 1: Jeff's House - leaving at 9 am (I have room for 1) 104 Sebring Circle, Lehigh Acres 2: Matt's House - leaving at 9 am (full car) Estero
  3. Have you checked the LFS. Some of them have used equipment.
  4. Can you plug the hole in your sump temporarily and use a submersible?
  5. Due to some scheduling and email snafu's, we are going to reschedule this meeting for first quarter of 2020. Either February or March (pending speaker availability for the quarter)
  6. Our November meeting will be Saturday, November 16 at 1 pm. We will have a DIY (Do It Yourself) workshop on how to make your own live rock and frag mounts. Meeting will be followed by a "Bring a Side" BBQ. That means the club will pick up the drinks, burgers, hot dogs, etc. You will bring a side dish or dessert. For the DIY workshop, bring a small box if you want to make anything for yourself. We will be making a small batch (or two, or three - pending turnout) of a sand/cement concrete mix to show you how to mix and cure for your own use. You will have the opportunity to make a rock or frag mounts to take home with you. Please bring latex gloves as fresh Portland cement can be caustic and people with sensitive skin may get a rash. Also bring a gallon Ziploc bag with you. If we have leftover cement, you can take some home with you for future use. BRING A LAWN CHAIR TO SIT IN FOR THE DEMO. Location will be at: 104 Sebring Circle Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 Please RSVP if you plan on staying for the BBQ afterwards. Need a head count for food and drinks. Please post your name, who is coming with you and what side or dessert you plan on bringing. Attendees and dish: jdhuyvetter -
  7. I posted up info in the "Other Club Events" forum. This is a multi club event. The "official" SWFMAS November meeting will be the following weekend on November 16. That will be a DIY workshop on making rock for your tank. I will post up a meeting announcement soon.
  8. It's that time of year again. Time to go up to Nokomis and enjoy an afternoon of BBQ and mingling. This annual event is a multi-club event that has folks from all over FL coming. For those who do not know, Brian Green is the original founder of the Tampa Bay Reef Club. There is always a huge number of people who visit each year and you do not need to be a member of any club to attend. If you need frags, this is your event. The event is large and in addition to some great food (Brian provides the entrees which are ribs and burgers) you get a tour of Brian's operation and at the close of the evening, there is a Frag Auction so bring cash (and it would be great for folks to bring smaller bills too! The limit to sell, for frag items, is no more than 18 per person and no more than 3 of the same item. This is a big event so there are tons of folks who bring stuff. Take good pics and copy them to a USB thumb drive and bring them with you. We will have a projector on hand to use if needed. In addition to your family, please bring a side item or dessert item to share with everyone. There is a ton of food so just one dish is fine. The TBRC and SWFMAS will be bringing coolers with sodas, juice and water. Any other beverages of choice are your own.ADDRESS: 201 SUNSET DR, NOKOMIS, FL 34275-3116START TIME: 4PMish Auction will start after the sun sets. Bring your own chair to sit in for the auction!
  9. Pencil urchin was a snack for the crabs. So no pencil urchin in the auction. I had fed them marine pellets the past couple nights and did a big water change this morning. Not sure why they went after him today.
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