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  1. Our August meeting will be Saturday, August 14 at 3 pm. Location will be at Estero Community Center. We will have a guest speaker, Morgan Moore aka Reefgardener. Her topic will be the care and aquaculture of Ricordea florida. We will even have a few Ricordea for a raffle at this meeting. Link for more information about Reefgardener can be found below. Morgan will be driving over that day for the presentation. If you wish to preorder from her, she can bring it to the meeting for you to pick up there. https://www.reefgardener.com/
  2. I think that will be a group discussion the day of. I'm babysitting a friends dogs this weekend, so I'm not making a full day of the trip
  3. I have 3 or 4 small Hawkins frags from a few weeks back. Fully healed, just not very big
  4. Wayne makes 12. We are booked.
  5. A video John posted on FB
  6. Added Frank to the list
  7. I've got Red Dragon, GARF Bonsai and a few Hawkins Echinata.
  8. Our July meeting will be Saturday, July 24. We will be given a tour of the Biota Marine Life Nursery in Fort Lauderdale. Biota focuses on captive aquaculture of fish, corals and inverts for the aquarium trade and food. They have locations in Palau, Hawaii, Florida and North Carolina. Their website is https://www.thebiotagroup.com/ They do have an online retail sales group as well. Purchasing from them is an option on this trip. However, they prefer that all orders be placed online and then picked up the day of the tour. they will most likely have them packed and ready to go by the time we get there. They are expecting a shipment of fish that day and will most likely acclimating/putting out the new shipment while we are there. So, they don't really want us picking stuff out of tanks at the same time. SO, IF YOU WANT TO BUY, GO TO THE WEBSITE AND PREORDER. Also, since they are working that day, they have requested to keep the group small. We are tentatively limiting this tour to 12 on a RSVP basis. If you plan on attending, RSVP your name and the names of anyone else that is in your party in this thread. Tour will begin at 10 am. We will meet in the parking lot at 9:45 am. Biota Marine Life Nursery 206-210 SW 19th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33326 RSVP attendees Jeff D'huyvetter Heather Lloyd Matt Egna Jennifer Oakes Robert Dura Landon Oakes Frank Scimeca Rick Oxton Paul D'Eramo Rachael Johnston Wayne Topolyn
  9. I see you went to the Jeff school for coraline algae
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