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  1. Everything you need complete setup. ATI light, tank, stand, sump, Chiller, doser, skimmer, auto top off, RODI, and so much more!!! Also includes BLACK TANG, blue tang, puffer fish, clown fish, coral beauty, bi-color, etc. Apx 100 lbs of live rock as well. Not interested in parting out all must go. Please call or text Derek at 239-896-0662 if you are interested.
  2. Hello can someone that is authorized please update my account so that I can post a tank for sale. Call me at (239) 896-0662 if needed. Thank you!
  3. 5’ ATI light (6 bulb) for sale with bulbs. $150 obo text Derek at 239-896-0662
  4. Hey all looking to sell my black tang if anyone is interested. Great health and eats like a pig. About 2 1/2” - 3” or so long. Asking $700 obo. Going for $1400 on Live Aquaria currently. text Derek at 239-896-0662
  5. Any idea why I cant post a tank and fish that I want to sell?
  6. Still looking for more SPS corals. 239-896-0662
  7. Still looking for more SPS coral if anyone wants to send me pics. Text me at 239-896-0662
  8. Just got back into the hobby and looking to buy SPS frags for the new tank. Please text me (Derek) at 239-896-0662
  9. For clarification it is only the Tank, Stand, and sump. The lights, fish, rock, corals, etc are not available.
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