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  1. Looking to buy some shelf rocks, message me if you have any!!
  2. Looking for some poletti jawbreakers, does anyone have some locally??
  3. Anyone in the area breed designer clowns? Looking to get a cool pair but wanting to see some options.
  4. drcole

    PAR meter??

    Good news, I'm all set up with lights!! Ended up picking up a used pair of Kessil a360WE to cover my reefer 250. Still looking to dial in and see where my PAR is. Would love to borrow something from someone whenever. Just wanted to bring this back to life now that I have my permanent lights.
  5. Looking to pick up a BTA, would prefer something either rainbow or some color variation.
  6. So I just received my check back in the mail as the address listed on the application is not a good address. What do I do at this point?? Really trying to do my best to join the club but I’m not getting a lot of help.
  7. Any update?? I sent me check 2 weeks ago and it hasn't yet been cashed nor do I show as a member
  8. drcole

    PAR meter??

    I wont be set up by then Ron but appreciate the offer. I drive down to the Cape frequently for work so that wouldn't be an issue when the time comes. You guys also have some of the nicer LFS in Seven seas and reef motion from what I've been able to tell. I have followed some of your collecting threads on R2R, so cool to know you are so close, I'd love to tag along collecting one of these days. Busy time of the year as school ends with the kids but I hope to be up and running and cycling in the next few weeks. Not exactly sure when ill be ready for the lights.
  9. drcole

    PAR meter??

    I'm in North Port, tank isnt set up quite yet but I was just curious as I plan to try out the Noopsyche K7 pro II lights that have been a hit on the R2R blackbox study.
  10. drcole

    PAR meter??

    Does the club have a PAR meter to rent out or any LFS in the area that you guys know of?
  11. I combated this issue by sending the application and a check to the listed address. Hope this all works!!
  12. I'm able to add it to my cart and everything, when I select confirm and pay it pops up as a red alert that reads"There was an error processing the payment. Please try a differnt method or contact us for assistance." I never have a chance to add a payment method, am I missing something??
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